About Us

Hi everyone, welcome to our  blog Hoverboard Idea. Though the name of the Website is basically based on Hoverboard we share information about Scooter also. We are two friends Mickey Arthur (Me) & Chris Lyn (My friend) enthusiast of Hoverboards and Scooter. I love the hoverboard and my friend loves to ride a Scooter. We did a plan to share all of our experience related to a Hoverboard and Scooter. If you want to know more about the editor please continue reading…..

Mickey Arthur (Hoverboard Expert)

Mickey Arthur

I am a college student and love to ride the Hoverboard always. I go to my college riding hoverboards. I have been riding Hoverboards since 2017 when I was a school student. I have gathered many experiences on the Hoverboard. I know which hoverboard I should buy and which I should avoid. I know which hoverboards are safe to ride. Everybody knows that sometimes hoverboards catch on fire or explode. I know what is the reason for this fire and explosion. I am trying here to give the best solution for this type of problem. You should check our blog Hoverboard Idea if you want to buy a Hoverboard as we share everything here about Hoverboards.

Chris Lyn (Scooter Expert)

Chris Lyn

You already know that I am a Scooter lover. Yes, I have been a scooter enthusiast since I was 15 years old. I got my first Scooter from my parents as a gift for my 15th-year birthday celebration. I had no experience with Scooters at that time. I was afraid of injuries when I rode the Sooter for the first. As time goes by I have become the expert on it. I have ridden more than 50 types of Scooters. I have faced many problems when I was new. I have been injured multiple times because of rough riding. I know on which roads beginners should ride the Scooter and which roads they should avoid. I know what types of problems a beginner face. I know which Scooter is suitable for kids, Adults, Beginners, etc. I am sharing all of my experiences here. Hope you will be benefited if you read my guidelines before buying a Scooter.

Our Mission

  • Providing the unbiased information about Hoverboard and Scooter
  • Solving the all problems related to the Hoverboards and Scooter
  • Providing guidance to get the best Hoverboard and Scooter
  • Sharing tips and tricks on riding Hoverboard and Scooter