What is Citrus Cleaner

The word citrus cleaner may seem new to the ears of some of us. Now let me surprise you; Citrus cleaners are, in fact, one of the best solvents for removing greases from the bearings of our skateboards and other bearings as well as for cleaning our homes.

Citrus cleaner can be explained as neither inflammable nor hazardous natural solvents, gotten from the mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and peels from oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits, and mainly used for degreasing mechanical products like the bearings of skateboards, as well as other automobiles.

Unlike other disinfectants, the citrus cleaner does not contain phosphate, benzene, petrochemicals, bleach, or nitrates, and it is a non-flammable solvent.

The citrus cleaner is a 100% natural disinfectant gotten from a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and citrus peels. Citrus cleaner’s main objective is to help perfectly clean up specks of dirt and greases, making your bearings grease-free, and making your home look fresher when used for home cleaning.

Can we use Citrus Cleaner for Bearings?

Yes, we can use citrus cleaner to clean bearings. It works with most types of bearings. But it should be made properly. You can purchase citrus cleaner from the market as well.

Is Citrus Cleaner Good for Skateboard Bearings?

First, you must know that dirty skateboard bearings are not good at sight. Also, specks of dirt cause your skateboard bearings to perform way below their capability, thereby giving the

citrus-cleaner-for-bearings rider a bad skateboarding experience.

As a passionate and responsible skateboarder, you should make sure to properly clean your skateboard bearings regularly, as well as do a proper check-up and maintenance to other part

s that make up the complete skateboard.

The citrus cleaner is the perfect solvent to help give your skateboard bearing that great and sharp look, thereby making it perform well as it ought to be. You can check out online or local stores to get a 100% natural citrus cleaner solvent of your choice as there are lots of citrus cleaner solvents out there.

What are the Benefits of Using Citrus Cleaners for Skateboard Bearings?

As earlier explained, making use of a citrus cleaner to keep your skateboard bearings free from specks of dirt and grease is the best thing you can do to your skateboard bearing.

Below are some of the benefits of making use of citrus cleaner for skateboard bearings

• It perfectly cleans up the skateboard bearings and gives it a sparkling look like that of a new one.

• The citrus cleaner will help clean your bearing to the extent that there will be no traces of grease and grime.

• A citrus cleaner is a very safe cleaner for skateboard bearings as it does not damage the seals of the bearings.

• The citrus cleaner is environmentally friendly- it is neither non-hazardous nor corrosive.

• The citrus cleaner will not cause your skateboard bearing to rust, as its formula does not contain water.

• Citrus cleaner saves energy and time.

• The citrus cleaner has been tested and trusted and known to be a good degreaser for skateboard bearings and other greasy parts of the skateboard.

• Lastly, citrus cleaner is easily dispensable.

How to Make Citrus Cleaner?

If you have got vinegar, baking soda, peels of lemon, oranges, and other citrus peels, then your citrus cleaner is not far away from being ready. The main issue with making the citrus cleaner with vinegar is that people do not like the pungent smell of vinegar, as it turns up their noses.

However, infusing your citrus peels with vinegar and mixing it up while making your citrus cleaner will almost totally eradicate that pungent smell of vinegar and produce a very nice citrus smell.
Note that the citrus peel is not just to give a nice smell, but also to add a really strong cleaning and disinfectant power to the solvent.

Some people decide to add essential oil to the vinegar and citrus peel mixture. While it is not bad to add essential oils, I prefer my cleaner without the addition of essential oil, as the cleaner readily mixes itself without essential oils. But with the addition of essential oil, you will require need to have to first shake vigorously before use.

Also, it is rumored that essential oils can damage spray bottles because of their high potency which can break down the plastic. Therefore, I’d advise you to make your citrus cleaner without the addition of essential oil.

Below is a list of items you will need to make your homemade citrus cleaner:
• Citrus peels

• White vinegar

• Spray bottle

• Large glass jar

Haven gotten all these items, it is time to know the process of making your citrus cleaner by yourself:

• Firstly, fill in ⅔ of the large glass jar with your white vinegar.

• Then add your citrus peels into the jar. Lemons and oranges will do. Then leave the mixture for at least a week, so that the citrus peels can infuse well into the vinegar.
• Then get your spray bottle and fill it up with one part of the mixture from the glass jar (the citrus-infused vinegar).

Your citrus cleaner is ready and ready for use on your skateboard bearings and for household cleaning.

Can I Use Citrus Cleaners on Other Bearings?

The answer to this question is yes! A citrus cleaner is mainly for the removal of grease from skateboard bearings and as such can be used to remove grease from other bearings.

Citrus cleaners are not just for the purpose of cleaning bearings alone but can be used for household purposes like; cleaning floors, shelves, tables, and other household furniture. It also gives our house a nice and refreshing smell when it is used to clean the house.

Now that you have had the opportunity to know this much about how to completely renew your skateboard bearings with the use of 100% natural citrus cleaner, Save your money from buying solvents in the market which might in turn not be able to properly clean your bearings.

I think, Now you know everything should we use citrus cleaner for Bearings or not. Make out time to make your citrus cleaner, and expect a high-capability performance from your skateboard bearing when cleaned with your homemade citrus cleaner.

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