If you want to get a quality product at a reasonable price without getting conned, you need to have a solid idea of the product itself.

We have often seen people buying inferior products at a high price just because they lacked clarification regarding the item.

So, if you are a skater and planning on replacing your old skateboard bearings with newer ones, you better do some researches before heading out for the shop. And that means learning about its components and materials as well.

Don’t worry; even if you lack information, you will be able to get a good understanding of what are skateboard bearings made of in this article. So let’s start-

Importance of Skateboard Bearings

The bearings of a skateboard might be tiny and seem somewhat insignificant, but they perform quite essential functions in the overall operation in reality. Why?

Because these small parts are responsible for controlling the wheels’ axle-spin, in your skateboard, there are eight of them installed, two for one wheel.

So, you should pay attention to your bearing’s condition. Remember not to ignore any sounds originating from your skateboard, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

When a skateboard’s bearings near the end of its lifespan and you ride your skateboard without changing them, your ears will be filled with the music created by their screeching and chattering sounds. And that is only the minimum of your troubles.

As we have mentioned beforehand, bearings are the tools that help you operate your skateboard’s wheels’ spin. So, with a faulty bearing, there is a high possibility of your skateboard’s wheels getting jammed and of you stumbling.

Thus, unless you want to experience the pain of an accidental injury and the humiliation of suffering a nasty tumble in front of people, never take the condition of your skateboard’s bearings lightly. Okay?

What Are Skateboard Bearings Made Of

Now that we have finished discussing the necessity of ensuring your skateboard’s bearings’ sound condition, let us see what these bearings are made of, shall we?


First, let us see what components are used to make an excellent bearing. Generally, a skateboard bearing is made of five different parts.

Inner Ring: The innermost part of the bearing is called the inner ring. This part of the bearing keeps in touch with the axle, but it does not rotate with the wheel.

Outer Ring: The outer ring is the part that contains the inner ring and rotates around it.

Ball Cage: This ball cage is also known as the crown, and it is situated between the outer and inner rings. The function of this part is to contain the ball bearings without letting them get into contact. Thus, the load is distributed evenly among them.

Bearing Balls: In the ball, the cage remains seven or six bearing balls. These balls are position evenly within the outer and inner rings. They are mainly responsible for the spinning of the bearing.

Shield: And lastly, the shield. It covers the bearing’s other parts and protects them from the elements.


Now, let’s check out the materials used in the making of a bearing. Though the variety is not too much, there are still skateboard bearings made out of several types of materials. Each has its own merits and demerits.

Steel: The most common type of board bearings available in the market is made of stainless steel. They are easy to find despite the locality, budget-friendly, and durable. The only mishap is that their low-rust resistance.

Titanium: Another suitable material for making skateboard bearings is titanium. If you are looking for heavy-damage-resistant bearings, try this one.

Not only is it more robust than steel, but it also is more rust-resistant. So logically, they are more expensive.

Ceramic: Believe it or not, ceramic bearings are very popular in the market. Indeed, they are not made of metal, but they are not short-lived at all! In truth, ceramic bearings are smoother and have more incredible heat and water resistance. Sadly they are costly as well.

Note: To keep smooth your skateboard bearings, use skate bearings lubricant regularly

How to Make Skateboard Bearings

If you are down on cash, you can use your old bearing and other materials to make your skateboard bearing. But be cautioned, this is not something an armature can do.

Unless you are a good metal worker or have the experience, it is best that you give the idea up and just get some new bearings.

First, use two hex wrenches to take apart your old skateboard’s wheels. Now, use a hammer and spike or a screwdriver to take out the bearings from the wheels.

It is time to take off the protective shield. For that, search the surface of the bearing, where you will notice a small ring. Use a knife to uproot it and then take the bearing parts out.

Now, if they are in a condition to be cleaned and reused, do that. If not, select the parts that are reusable and set them apart for the next step.

As for the parts that can’t be used, take them to a metal worker and commission those parts in the same size. If you can spare enough cash, you can do it for all the bearing parts, both usable and non-usable.

Thus, you will have an entirely new bearing when you assemble them. It would be best if you did not try making the parts yourself least a miscalculation ultimately causes an accident.

After your parts are all ready, reassemble them and attach them to your wheels. Now be on board, and enjoy your new bearings.

Final Verdict

So, as you now have an idea of what are the skateboard bearings made of from this article, we believe you will be able to get some high-quality bearings in your next skateboard parts shopping trip.

If you don’t feel like buying one, you can also use our guide to make one. Now replace your worn-out bearings quickly and be amazed by your improved skateboard speed.

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