Do I like TOEU hoverboards Personally?

Yes, I love TOEU hoverboards personally. There are some special features that force me to love the hoverboard. I will explain all of these features in my TOEU hoverboard review. So keep reading…

Why Do I Like TOEU?

There are several reasons to love the TOEU hoverboard. Don’t be quick. Just read through the matters.  So let’s know the facts-

  • Cool Balancing: I have seen many hoverboards which run before your step on it. But TOEU is different in that case. The technology ensures the hoverboard starts moving slowly. Gradually the speed will be increased. The sensor can understand the balancing position of the rider. As a result, the speed will not be highest until you are fully balanced on it. This balancing system ensures injury-free riding for a kid.
  • Awesome Lights & Bluetooth: I am a fan of its Bluetooth speaker and LED lights. Its speakers are loud enough and give an enjoyable ride. Besides, led lights to ensure comfortable & safe riding at night.
  • Excellent Support: Whenever I purchase a hoverboard, I look for customer support feedback. Because anything can happen with electronics products and there is a shortage of experienced mechanics who can fix a hoverboard. In such a situation I can assure you that you don’t need to worry. TOEU provides all types of support that are required for a hoverboard. Besides, they are super responsive. So you will get almost instant support from them. Even if you have a problem with the carry bag, they will send a new one if you claim a warranty for it. So contact them quickly if you face any problem with the hoverboard. I hope you will get the best support.
  • Quick Delivery & Price: I also like the TOEU hoverboard because of its quick delivery system. It takes only a few days to deliver the product at home. Besides this, there is nothing to complain about about pricing. More than 90% of buyers said that the hoverboard is affordable compared to a similar one from other brands.

toeu hoverboard review uk

Why don’t I like TOEU?

  • Problem with Go Kart: Some people complained about its go-kart. They said that the go-kart came with the wrong bolt and doesn’t fit with the hoverboard. But it didn’t happen to everyone, at least not me. You can contact them about such a problem.
  • Wheels: If the hoverboard comes with 8 or 8.5-inch wheels, we could be able to ride it over the rough terrain. But the hoverboard is 6.5. So it can’t be used as an all-terrain hoverboard.
  • Only For Kids: The hoverboard is only manufactured for kids and can bear up to 100 kg. So an adult can’t ride it, even kids if they are over 100 Kilograms or 220 pounds.

It is Unavailable. Its better alternative is-

HITWAY Hoverboard


TOEU Hoverboard Review

If you are looking for one of the best hoverboards for kids in the United Kingdom then I will recommend you to go with the TOEU hoverboard. Its super stability makes it far better than any other beginner hoverboard.

View On Amazon (Unavailable)
Better alternative of TOEU Hoverboard
HITWAY Hoverboard
The hoverboard comes with 6.5-inch wheels that are suitable for the home, backyard, street, etc. Using its 4.4 Ah Li-ion battery the hoverboard can go up to 12-15 kilometers after a full charge. Actually, the range depends on weight and terrain type. You can recharge the powerful battery within only 1-2 hours. Its 500-watt motors will enable it to go through a 15-degree incline angle. 

If you don’t love using headphones, still you can enjoy your favorite songs, book, quotes, etc using its Bluetooth speaker. In addition to this, LED lights are super and you can enjoy an adventure even after the sunset.

Go Kart: We’re not through yet, the hoverboard comes with a go-kart attachment which ensures a different riding experience for hoverboard lovers. Besides, it is safe for kids to use ko kart. So there are options to ride the TOEU hoverboard, with a go-kart and without a go-kart. 

Best For: The hoverboard is the best one for amateurs, beginners, dogs & catwalkers, etc. If you want to give a gift to your kid, you may select it without any doubt. I can assure you that you will not be dissatisfied with your performance.

toeu hoverboard review

Some Safety Tips:

  • Use the hoverboard after the full charge.
  • Don’t use it as an off-road hoverboard.
  • Being overweight can damage your hoverboard. So avoid it. Check heavy-duty hoverboard here.
  • Unplug after the full charge.
  • Protective gear like helmet knee pads is recommended for beginners riders.
  • Avoid riding over the water.
  • Read through the user manual before starting the hoverboard.
  • Keep your hoverboard clean and keep it in a dry place.

What will you get in the package?

  • Hoverboard
  • Hoverkart
  • Carry bag
  • Charger
  • User manual


  • Wheels: 6.5 Inch
  • Max speed: 15km/h
  • Max distance: 15~20 km
  • Charge time: 1~2 hour
  • Max climbing degree: 15˚
  • Max load capacity: 100kg
  • Motor: 500 Watt
  • Battery capacity: 36V/4.4Ah Li-ion

TOEU Hoverboard Manual

Step to Start Riding TOEU Hoverboard

  • Charge It: After getting the hoverboard in your hand, open the box and charge the hoverboard. The Full recharge is recommended for the first time. Don’t be quick, keep patient for the full charge.
  • Turn On: After charging the TOEU hoverboard, keep it on flat ground, press the turn on button. You will hear a beeping sound and will notice the green light.
  • Step on to it: Now your turn is to step onto the hoverboard. Carefully keep your one foot on the sensor. Not use the foot to get a rideable position. After feeling comfortable, step another foot onto the sensor pad. You may wall, handle, or someone to keep balance if you are a beginner.
  • Start Riding: After feeling you are balanced on the board, use your foot. Shift your weight to go upward and backward. Keep your weight flat to stop the hoverboard. The speed will increase gradually and will depend on weight shifting. If you are a beginner, shift your weight slowly. After becoming an intermediate-level rider, you may use full speed to ride it.

Follow these steps to start your journey with the TOEU hoverboard. These are major steps of riding a hoverboard.


Some Alternatives of TOEU Hoverboard

Don’t you love the TOEU hoverboard? There is nothing to hate about hoverboards. Still, if you are not satisfied with it, you may check the following hoverboard-

  1. GeekMe
  2. RCB
  4. Flying Ant
  5. Huanhui Hoverboard


Last Word

TOEU is my first choice for my kids. I love it because of its balancing system. It assures minimum risk for your kids. So you go with it without any doubt.

I hope my in-depth TOEU hoverboard review helped you a lot to decide whether you should buy the hoverboard or not.  Get the best gift for your kid today, let him start happy riding!!!

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