Are Skidee Scooters Good?

Before purchasing anything, at first, we think about whether the product is good or not. It is a very common question that arises in our minds. That’s why I am going to clear this at first.

Skidee manufactures scooters for kids and adults. I have used their adult scooter and noticed many kids riding the Skidee Y100 and Y200. From my own observation, I can say, Yes, Skidee scooters are good for kids, teens, and adults.

You can rely on Skidee without any hesitation. My Skidee Scooter Review will make you clear about the product.

Note: My observation includes personal experience, investigation, and user experiences.

skidee scooter reviews

For whom Skidde Scooters are Perfect?

Skidde manufactures several types of scooters for kids and adults. Their product line is designed so that everybody can enjoy the toy. For example, SKIDEE Y100 and Y200 kick scooters are suitable for kids whereas the X3M scooter is suitable for teens and adults.

They don’t have numerous products like micro kickboards. They focus on quality rather than quantity. They produce only 3 to 4 types of scooters. But if you see the review, you will find thousands of reviews. That means though the product line is small, their sales are huge. It is only because of delivering quality products.


Product Review

1: Y100 Skidee Scooter Review – Best for Kids


  • Model: Y200
  • Color options: Yes
  • Handlebar: Adjustable
  • Number of Wheels: 3
  • Frame: Aluminium made
  • Rear Braking: Yes
  • Item weight: 7 lbs
  • Best for: Toddlers and Kids


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It is one of the best 3 wheel scooters for toddlers and kids. Skidee kick scooter comes with 2 in 1 feature for the age range 2-12 years old beginner. It has numerous features. These include-

Sit or Scoot Scooter: Your kid can ride this scooter by sitting or standing. The adjustable handlebar and removable seat offer diversified riding options. Whenever kids become tired, they can use the site to relax.

Sturdy and Safe: The Skidee kick scooter features a sturdy deck. Your kid will get plenty of room for standing and sitting. Besides durable aluminium alloy made frame ensure the durability of the scooter. In addition to this lean-to steer feature ensures more balance and coordination. The rear braking system ensures quick stopping while kids are in full gear.

Lighting Wheels: Light up any child’s face with Skidee’s light-up scooter. This environmentally friendly, battery-free, hassle-free mode of transportation is the perfect way to get active and have fun.

skidee y100

Adjustable height: Skidee scooter is the smartest scooter money can buy. With its adjustable height, kids will be riding the Skidee for years, not just until they outgrow it. We’re so confident that you’ll be happiest with your purchase that we offer a 1-year warranty.

Foldable or not: Yes, it is equipped with a foldable handlebar. The spec makes it portable so that you can carry it everywhere. It requires such a small room that you can keep it in your car’s rear deck.


How to set up the Scooter (Simple 3 Step)

  • Pull the scooter base and handlebar out of the box at first.
  • Push the handlebar into the base of the scooter.
  • Then pull out the red push button to lock the handlebar into the scooter body.


How to adjust the handlebar height

  • Release the collar clamp on the scooter handlebar.
  • Then Push the locking button to slide the handlebar. Make it high or low to make adjustments.
  • Squeeze collar clamp to secure the position.


How to adjust the Seat?

  • Using the given tool, remove the button screw of the seat connector and loose the top screw
  • Then slide the seat up or down according to the desired height
  • Then replace fasten screws for safe use.


How can you remove the seat?

  • Remove both screws from the seat connector.
  • Remove the seat from the bar.
  • Store the seat with screws for future use.

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2: SKIDEE  Scooters for Adult- X3M Review

  • Model: X3M
  • Color options: Yes
  • Handlebar: Adjustable (33”-42”
  • Number of Wheels: 2
  • Frame: Aluminium made
  • Rear Braking: Yes
  • Item weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Best for: Kids and Adults


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It’s not new, adults also love to ride scooters for fun or short-distance cruising. For them, SKIDEE has produced X3M city. Actually, there are 2 versions, one is for kids and the other one is for adults. If your kids like 2 wheel scooters you may choose the kid’s version as well. Now I will talk in detail, what you will get in the scooter as a feature-

 What is special here?

If I talk about the specialties, I must talk about its front and back wheels which are about 9” and 8” that will allow you to go over bumpy roads with full confidence. Both wheels are capable of going through all terrain.

It features a front and back suspension that gives a rider maximum comfort on uneven terrain. In addition to this, its slick design and foldable feature make it easy to carry almost everywhere. Besides, the carry strap will make it more convenient to carry using your shoulder. These two features look interesting to me.

No-Wobbleskidee x3m city scooter

Skidee’s no wobble lock is the solution for people who want to steer their scooter without wobbling. Maneuver through crowded streets, over bumpy pavements, and outwit pesky pedestrians with ease.

The lock will keep you in control of your scooter so you won’t have to worry about falling off.

More Features?

The scooter comes in two variations. There are 4 adjustable levels of handlebars whose maximum height is 42” inch. This size is perfect for any height of an adult. Its impressive-looking 5.3” inch deck can handle up to 220 lbs. So if you are a heavy adult I mean your weight exceeds 250 lbs then I will recommend you to buy it. 

Best For: It is very important to recognize for whom the scooter is made. If I talk about SKIDEE X3M then, I will say it is made for kids, teens, and adults.

I mean anyone can ride a scooter without any problem. But you have to be careful as there are two variations available. One is for kids and the alternative is for teens and adults. So buy it based on the rider.

An Adult Saying: He is crazy about the scooter. It is sturdy and the handle height is perfect for a 5.7” adult. The scooter is super responsive and quite easy to fold and unfold. He also mentioned the kickstand is an extra feature that looks handy.

Parents Saying: Some parents purchased it for their kids. Only bigger kids aged 8 or 9 years old can ride it perfectly. They said it is an awesome sturdy scooter with so many features. Their kids love it because of its design and performance. They start riding smoothly from the first day of getting it on hand.


How to Set Up Skidee X3M?

Folding and unfolding are quick and easy for lightweight compact storage. 

Step 1:  Open the release lever. 

Step 2: Press the folding button.

Step 3: Grasp the handlebar stem into the upright position. Be sure to hear the click.

Step 4: Make sure to remove the disposable handle lock wedge before riding.

Step 5:  Slide them in until they click into place.

Step 6: Close the T section lock.


To adjust the height of the handlebars

  • Open the release lever, then move the handlebar up and down to your desired height. Make sure to fasten the release lever.
  • Next, make sure all the clamps and connections are fastened tightly and that all parts are in good condition before you ride.
  • You should also press on the brake to ensure a solid connection with the back wheel. 

Note: Careful, the brake can become hot after it’s been used. Don’t touch it with your bare hands.


How to fold it?

putting your scooter away is easy to try our quick fold option, 

  • Whip the release lever and press the easy release button. 
  • Fold the steering column toward the bottom of the scooter until it clicks into place.

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Origin of SKIDEE Scooters

It is a USA-based company that is providing service all over the United States. All of their products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Though they sell their products outside of the USA market, their activities are done and controlled from the USA. They have claimed that they have 250000 happy customers around the United States.

Their main strength is the quality of the products which helps to get loyal customers. 



What are the differences between Y100 and Y200?

There are some major differences. These are-

  • Y100 has music features while Y200 doesn’t.
  • Y100 comes with stylish lights but the feature is not available in Y200
  • The sitting seat is rotatable outside of the scooter on Y100 but in Y200 you can fold it only.


Last Opinion

Skidee is too much confident about their product and performance which is reelected in buyer’s review. From the expert point of view, Skidee is one of the top-performing scooters available in the market. So don’t worry to get your one today.

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