Do People Love RCB Hoverboards Really?

From experience and research, I have found that most people who bought it, love the RCB hoverboard. They love its battery, speaker, tire, etc. Some people complain about its apps, saying it is useful only for connecting Bluetooth, but no information shows on the screen.

It is okay if you are not using it for long-distance. But I love to see my battery life on my smartphone while going far with it. So they should focus on this problem. Otherwise, everything looks good to me.

rcb hoverboard review

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What Are the Reasons to Buy RCB Self-Balancing Scooter?

  • Off-Road Riding: The most interesting thing I love about this hoverboard is its all-terrain features. I can travel to almost all places with the hoverboard. I have used this hoverboard on rocky terrain and found it performs like a beast. That’s the main reason I love the hoverboard.


  • Color Variations: The RCB hoverboard comes with 4 multiple variations, that force me to love it. I love 2 variations: CAMOUFLAGE and HIP. These are very beautiful to look at. So if you are looking for a unique design, you may love them.


  • Bright LED Lights & Speaker: The LED lights used on this hoverboard are bright enough to ride at night time. I have faced no problem while riding on a dark night. And the speaker was loud enough and gave me a lot of fun while riding the hoverboard. This self-balancing scooter has a low battery indicator in the middle of the footpad that warns riders to recharge.


  • Quick Support: Before buying any hoverboard I look for a supporting system. In that case, the RCB hoverboard makes me satisfied. They replied to my problem within a few hours and solved my problem. So if you are new to using a hoverboard, I think you will get great support from the manufacturer. Try to contact them through the platform from where you bought it.

These are the main reasons I love this hoverboard. Do you want to know more about RCB hoverboards? Read on my RCB hoverboard review, I will try to mention all of its features, specifications, upside-down, etc.


RCB HoverBoard 8.5 inch Wheels All-Terrain Segway Built

Are you looking for a well-protected and safe all-terrain hoverboard? Then I can assure you that RCB can be one of the best options for you. Especially, If you are from the UK, it is great for you. The hoverboard comes with almost all of the available features that a hoverboard should have. Let’s break down its features:


  • Brand: RCB
  • Type: All-Terrain
  • Wheels: 8.5”
  • Max Speed: 15 Kilometers
  • Rang: Highest 15 Kilometers (Varies based on weight)
  • Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Motor: 350 Watt Dual
  • Waterproof: IP54

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Sturdy & Durable: The hoverboard comes with an 8.5-inch inflatable solid rubber tire. You can ride over the grass, gravel, pebbles, etc. Besides, the hoverboard is built with aircraft-grade aluminium alloy that makes the hoverboard unbreakable in any situation.

Powerful Motor & Battery: RCB hoverboard features 350 Watt dual motor that ensures stable power supply over all parts. As a result, you will face no problem off-road. Whenever we ride through rocky terrain, we face many problems. Sometimes the hoverboard gets stuck into the mud.

But RCB can fight against this type of barrier. At the same time, its energy-saving, efficient lithium battery facilitate

best rcb hoverobard

s long-distance riding. The battery requires only 2-3 hours to be fully recharged. So you will not be bored for a long period.

Updated Gyroscope Technology: Proper and smooth riding experience dependent on the self-balancing technology that is used in the hoverboard. In that case, the RCB hoverboard will not disappoint you. With the efficient gyroscope technology, the rider can control it with just an indication and can rotate it at 360° whenever he wants. People will love it, definitely.

More Features: You will get almost all of the features that are required in a hoverboard. It has dual led lights that ensure safe navigation at night. The BlueTooth speaker enables you to listen to your favorite song. Just connect it with your smartphone, and start enjoying music. Most of the users are satisfied with its speaker.

Safety Certifications: In 2016, when I was riding my first hoverboard, I was too worried about safety. Because many hoverboards exploded and caught fire then. The hoverboards were listed as a dangerous toys. But the manufacturers solve the problem with updated technology.


In the market, almost all of the hoverboards come with ul2272 certification which indicates it is safe from fire and explosion. RCB all-terrain hoverboard is not different from them. All of their hoverboards are UL2272&CE&RoHS standard certified. In addition to this anti-fire shell, the battery provides extra protection to the rider.

Range, Max Speed, Weight Capacity: The maximum speed I got from this beast was 15 Kilometer per hour that is average in the hoverboard industry. Based on the weight, the hoverboard’s range capacity may vary from 15 to 20 kilometers. It is super for this type of heavy hoverboard. And I have found nothing special in weight capacity, it can handle up to 264 lbs that is suitable for most of the users.


Why I don’t like it

Limited Weight Capacity: It can handle only 264 lbs that is not expected from this type of hoverboard. I think the weight capacity should be at least 300 lbs so that a heavy person can ride it easily. I will talk to the manufacturer about it soon.

Lackness of Smart App Features: There are very few features I found on its smart app facility. RCB hoverboard Smart App is only used for connecting Bluetooth speakers. But I think they could add more features, like battery power showing, range traveled, etc. Most of the hoverboards in the market come with clean and more diversified app features. RCB should follow this to compete in the market.

These are the main two things I don’t like on this hoverboard. Otherwise, I love almost everything about RCB off-road hoverboards. You will love it also if you ride.


Is it Suitable for Off-Road?

RCB hoverboard is definitely built for off-roading. Its features, tire, motors, battery, and built quality, etc. clearly indicate that it is an all-terrain hoverboard. I have used it gravelly and found the performance was quite smooth.

Is it Suitable For Kids to carry?

The net weight of RCB HoverBoard 8.5 inches is 14.5 kilograms. A kid can carry it easily. So it is not suitable for kids to carry. If your kid, less than 8 years old, loves to use it then you should stay around him. He may need your help while carrying it.


Wrap UP

After reading my RCB hoverboard review, I think there is nothing that is answered yet. I have tried to mention almost everything in my discussion. The RCB self-balancing scooter is suitable for kids and adults. So get your one today, before ending the stock.

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