Are Micro Kickboard Scooters Good?

Yes, Micro Kickboard Scooters are good enough for kids. They manufacture 2 wheel and 3 wheel scooters for the age range 1 year to 12 years. I have seen personally most of the users left positive opinions on Micro Kickboard Scooters. Undoubtedly, you can rely on them. My Micro Kickboard Review will clear your confusion. So keep reading.


Where are Micro Kickboards Made?

micro kickboard review

Micro Kickboard works as a US Partner of Swiss Company Micro. They are producing innovative personal transporting media since 1999. This company manufactures its products in China. Don’t take it lightly thinking about producing in China. The company is too aware of the product quality and diversity. You will love the design and performance simultaneously.


Which one is the Best Micro Kickboard Scooter?

Micro Kickboard produces several types of scooters with different specifications. Some of them are for 1 to 5 years where others are for 5 to 12 years. So it is difficult to mention only one as the best Micro Kickboard Scooter. But I can give my opinion based on age.

For 1 to 3 years:  Mini 3in1 Deluxe is the best micro Kickboard for toddlers. If you have a kid at this age who loves to ride the scooter, you may get it for him. It is slightly different from a normal scooter because kids can sit on it.

For 3 to 5 Years: Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled is the best scooter for 3 to 5-year-old beginners. Its 3 wheels provide extra safety to kids. Besides, an adjustable handlebar ensures to grow the scooter with your kids.

For 6 to 12 Year Old: According to the user’s opinion Micro Kickboard – Maxi Deluxe 3 is the best scooter for 6 to 12 years old. I have seen very few people are dissatisfied with this product. Almost every user left positive feedback about this scooter.

For 13+ Years Old: The company produces adult scooters as well. Micro Kickboard Compact Interchangeable Scooter is the best scooter for teens and adults. I have tried the scooter personally and found it is super smooth to ride. If your age is more than 13, then you can go with the product.


Is it a Reliable Brand?

Obviously, it is. It has been producing scooters for many years and has great experience in this field. Besides, thousands of users talk about those who are fully satisfied with the product. I have already said they don’t compromise with the quality, as a result, get love from users. So you can rely on the scooter.


Does the Micro Kickboard Fold?

Yes, you can fold the Micro Kickboard Scooter. They provide the features in almost every product they produce to make it convenient to carry. People don’t love to get a scooter that is not foldable. That’s why they always try to add this feature to their scooter always.


1: Micro Kickboard – Mini 3in1 Deluxe 3-Stage Ride-on Micro Scooter Review

  • Model: Mini 3 in 1 Deluxe
  • Wheels: 3 wheels
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Handlebar: 25 Inch, Adjustable
  • Item weight: 5.51 Pounds
  • Best For 1 to 3 Years Old

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I have seen very few companies who produce scooters for 1 year old with so many features like this one. Let’s break down all of its features that are available for a toddler-micro kickboard mini 3-in-1 deluxe

3 Features in 1 Scooter: You will get three features in the scooter simultaneously. Your kid can ride the scooter by sitting at age 1 and standing at age 2. There are two sitting position options available. Besides the handlebar can be converted for toddlers like other handlebars when he is at age 3. The flexible riding system looks interesting to me.. I think the features are very helpful for kids as they don’t need to stand all the time to ride it. 

Smooth and long-lasting: Your kid will be able to go faster and smoother than with any toddler scooter on the market with the small and light design. In addition to this, it is durable enough that it lasts for many years.

Best For: The scooter is recommended for the age of 1 to 5 years according to the manufacturer. But from the expert point of view, it is suitable for 1 to 3 years. They have provided 3 writing systems for types of ages. Obar is used for 1 and 2 years old, and T-handlebar is used for 3 years old. The manufacturer is very conscious about the rider, so you don’t have to be worried about riding suitability.

Does it come with a full assembly?

No, it requires minimal assembly. People become worried about the assembling process of a scooter. But you will feel no bother when assembling this scooter because it comes with a full manual that will help you a lot. Still, if you face a problem, you can contact customer support at any time.

Does it come with a Warranty?

Yes, it comes with a warranty.  I love to get a warranty when purchasing a product and think most people love it. Don’t worry, you will get a 2 years manufacturer warranty with this scooter. This ensure helps us in our buying decision. According to users, they are quick enough in answering the question of a user.

Downside: If you talk about performance then you will find no fallback. But if you talk about design then you feel lacking of lighting in the scooter. As the kid loves zigzag lighting it should be added.

Does it come with a braking system?

Yes, this scooter has a foot braking system on its rear wheels. It ensures the safety of kids while they are at full speed.  It is okay for this type of toddler scooter which doesn’t go too fast. Do you want to know more about it? Leave a comment below about your asking.


2: Micro Kickboard – Mini Original 3-Wheeled Review

  • Model: Mini Original 
  • Wheels: 3 wheels
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Handlebar: 24 Inch, Fixed
  • Item weight: 1.5 Kilogram
  • Best For 2 to 4 Years Old

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Are you looking for the best three-wheel scooter for 3 to 5 years old? Micro Kickboard Mini Original can be the best option for you. Its size, design, built quality, etc. specification made it one of the best in the market.

Variations: The scooter comes in four colors. So there is an option to choose anyone that your kid likes. Girl kids may love the red color and boy kids love to pick the blue one. Show them the available color then order the scooter.micro kickboard - mini original 3-wheeled

Lean-to Steer: The manufacturer has added lean to steer feature in the scooter. This feature helps kids to control the scooter by their bodies. As far as I know, it provides more safety than a scooter as everything depends on their activity. They can make sharp turns whenever it is required.

Wheels & Handlebar: It is equipped with 3 wheels which are 120mm and 80 mm. They are made of polyurethane and perform smoothly on flat surfaces. In addition to this, the scooter comes with a fixed handlebar that is about 24 inches. I think the height is quite okay for the age of 2-4 years or even for 5 years old.

Frame Material and Weight: Aluminum frame material increases its durability, it will last for many years. Besides, it is so fast, resistant and elastic that even a 7 year old can ride it without any problem. If you disassemble the scooter you will be amazed at its built quality. I have seen they have used premium quality parts on their scooter. Moreover, the scooter weighs only 1.5 Kilograms, so kids can carry it almost everywhere.

Downside: I am dissatisfied with its handlebar as it is not adjustable. Most of the scooters come with an adjustable handle that can be increased with age. But you will not get the feature in the scooter. It is fixed and can’t optimize based on user height. Besides, it can’t handle heavyweight, which is another disadvantage of the scooter.

Overall, it is okay for kids who are 2 to 4 years old. Another good news is that Mini Original is rated 4.8 star by 3000 reviewers or users. So there is nothing to be worried about its performance. Oh sorry, I haven’t talked about customer support.

You will get awesome customers from the manufacturer. They respond almost instantly to their customers. So you can expect a quick solution from them.


3: Micro Kickboard – Maxi Deluxe Review

  • Model: Maxi Deluxe
  • Wheels: 3 wheels
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Handlebar: 24-34 Inch
  • Item weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Best For 5 to 12 Years Old

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Do you have a kid who is between 5 to 12 years old and can ride the previous one I talked about? Yes, I am going to tell you about the scooter that is made for bigger kids.

Maxi Deluxe is different from the previous one in case of weight capacity, design, age recommendation, price, etc.micro kickboard - maxi deluxe 3-wheeled

Minimalist Design: You will find a minimalist design in the scooter and almost every part of this scooter can be replaced if they are damaged. As the design is minimalist its weighs about only 5.5 pounds.

Lightweight: The scooter is incredibly lightweight that your kid can carry it everywhere. Besides, its adjustable T handlebar will grow with your kids. They can ride it for almost 3 to 5 year if there is no major problem. 

Lean-to Steer Technology: The scooter also comes with lean to steer technology. So you kid will get a stable riding experience while playing with it. In addition to this, the technology made it easy to control. Kids love this feature as they can surf like a pro.

Assembling: Maxi deluxe requires no assembling. You will get the T-handlebar separately, just put it into the deck then your kid can start riding it. The handlebar can be adjusted between 24 to 34 inches based on the user’s height.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty with the scooter. If anything is damaged within the given time you can claim a warranty for that. Moreover, all parts of the scooters are replaceable, so you can replace them if the warranty period is over. So there is no doubt about long-term use.

Can it carry more than 110 lbs: Yes, it can. I have checked some users’ experiences. I have seen a man about 200 lbs have used it without any problem. The scooter was completely okay after riding by a heavy adult. So now way to be worried about its weight capacity.


4: Micro Kickboard Compact Interchangeable Scooter For Adults

  • Model: Compact Interchangeable
  • Wheels: 3 wheels
  • Handlebar: 24-36.5 Inch
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Item weight: 10 Pounds
  • Best For 13+ Years

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Besides kids, teens and adults also love to ride scooters. I have already written an article about the best three-wheel scooter for adults. As I am talking about the Micro Kickboard and they produce adult scooters as well, I am going to mention this one here.

How is it different from others?

It is different from others in the case of design, price, weight capacity, feature, etc.

Best For: This compact interchangeable scooter is made for adults especially. Its height, weight capacity, deck, wheels, etc. things are made for adults. The deck is sturdy enough and can handle up to 220 lbs. Besides, the manufacturer recommends it for 13+ years which indicates it is an adult scooter.

Adjustable Handlebar: Like other scooters, its handlebar is also adjustable. You can alter the handlebar’s height based on your suitability. There are 3 levels, 24-36.5 inches, to adjust and I hope one will be suitable for you.

Foldable: This scooter is foldable and convenient to carry almost everywhere. You can keep it near you in your office or home. So there is no chance of stealing. When you are going for a long drive you can keep it in your car.

Deck length: It has a 14.5×5 inch deck which provides enough space for a rider to his or her foot. Besides, the deck is anti-slip which prevents falling down from the deck while you are making a sharp turn.

Does it have also a lean-to steer feature?

Yes, it has. Micro Kickboard provides the feature in almost every scooter they manufacture. Actually, it helps a rider to remain stable while riding it. Besides, they can control it by making perfect sidewalk riding. There are some more benefits of having the lean-to-steer feature.

What do users say?

I have analyzed a lot of feedback and found most of the users are satisfied with the performance of the scooter. They said it is a perfect scooter for cruising around the nearest place. They love its folding feature, lean steering feature, build quality, smooth-rolling, etc.

In addition to this, they said also, it can handle heavy weight without having any problem with riding. Some people complained about its deck and said it is small to keep feet comfortable. It is very common that some people may have such a problem. But overall, it is a good scooter for teens and adults.


5: Micro Kickboard – Cruiser Big-Wheeled For Kids and Adults

  • Model: Cruiser Big Wheeled
  • Wheels: 2 wheels
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Handlebar: 27-32 Inch
  • Item weight: 9.95 Pounds
  • Best For 8+ Years Old

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Previously I have talked about 3 wheels only. Now I have come with a special one that is good for cruising.

If you are looking for 2 kids and an adult wheel scooters for cruising then I can assure you that the Cruiser Big Wheeled is one of the best options available in the market. Its durable materials and the smart-looking view will force you to love it.

Lightweight and easy glide: The Micro Cruiser is the perfect ride for the rider who wants the feeling of freedom, but still wants to be able to stop and go. It’s small enough to get through tight spaces, yet large enough for an adult to ride. The easy-to-use grips and handbrake allow for riders of all ages to glide with ease. 

Wheels: The scooter comes with two wheels that are made using polyurethane. These are big enough to go over the bumpy roads. But I will not recommend it off-road. You may have a bad experience. Besides, the wheels can run smoothly with a weight of up to 220 lbs on the deck.

Awesome Design & Built Quality: Get ready for a new ride! Micro Kickboard Cruiser is the perfect balance of style, design, and construction. With a sleek, classic cruiser design and fun chopper-style handlebars, you’ll have a blast. It’s made with superior materials including aluminum, plastic, polyurethane, etc. to give you a long-lasting performance. It’s the perfect ride for the youngest rider in your family.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty for Cruiser Big Wheels and ensures top-notch support. They are too sensitive to customer requests and almost solve the problem instantly. In addition to this, you will get replacement parts if required to solve the problem. In one word, they try to ensure longer usability of the scooter you buy from them. 

Want to know more?

Cruiser big wheels required no assembly. Just unfold and start your riding. I can assure you that you will get a faster and smoother riding experience from it. Moreover, it requires less effort on pushing as the wheels are big enough to cross over the bumpy roads. You can carry it by folding it whenever it is required. So don’t raise questions about storage.

micro kickboard compact interchangeable scooter

How to Claim a Warranty for the Defect?

You will get a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer on all of the Micro Kickboard Scooters. They offer it only for ensuring the longevity of the scooter. Warranty includes all parts and technical problems.

To claim the warranty you have to follow certain steps:

  • Collect the buying receipt that is provided while you purchased the scooter.
  • Then contact Micro Kickboard directly for claiming warranty. If you purchase from Amazon, you can do it through Amazon as well.
  • Follow the required steps they inform you to get the problem solved.

Note: They will try to repair the parts that are found on your scooter. If the parts are not replaceable or the problem can’t be solved by replacing parts, they will deliver a new scooter.

There are certain rules and regulations that are required to claim the warranty. First, let’s know what is the-

  • You have to buy the Micro Kickboard from an Authorized dealer.
  • You have to register it after buying it.
  • You can’t claim a warranty because of personal misuse, damage, neglect,  theft, etc.
  • The warranty is not an application for second-hand products.

If your product meets the given rules then you claim the warranty.

Note: Don’t love Micro Kickboard? Check my Jetson Jupiter Review, you may like it.


So what is your decision after reading my micro kickboard review? I am sure you will love one from my given list. Actually, there is nothing to hate about the Micro Kickboard as they are determined to give the best product and service. 

You should choose the scooter that suits the riders. I have tried to mention it based on age. If you are looking for beginner toddlers then go with mini deluxe 3 in 1 and so on for others. So make your decision and get your desired one today.

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