A large number of hoverboards are out there in the market. They range in power, practicality, and quality. You may face difficulties in choosing the best board. It’s why we need to review Lieagle boards so that you get the most suitable one.

This board is an electric scooter that is self-balancing. Hence, amateurs and kids can easily learn and balance on it.

The self-balancing ability allows you to adjust to your board. Younger kids will find this product a haven of enjoyment. The safety features, including an anti-skid pedal, enable you to cruise in all terrains with style and mastery.

The wheels measure 6.5 inches. Together with the broad board, it offers robust stability and sturdiness. You’ll find it a better choice for all ages to ride enjoyably. The rigid framework due to tough construction materials fortifies the boards for rough terrain.

The package includes a self-balancing scooter, one charger, and a user instruction manual.

Features of Three Lieagle Hoverboard At a Glance

1. Lieagle 6.5 Motor Watt: 200 Max Speed: 6.2Mph Max Range: 6 Miles Max Weight: 264 lbs
2. Lieagle Two Wheels Motor Watt: 200 Max Speed: 7.5Mph Max Range: 10 Miles Max Weight: 220 lbs
3. Lieagle Self Balancing Motor Watt: 160 Max Speed: 6.2 Mph Max Range: 10 Kilometers Max Weight: 264 lbs

Lieagle Hoverboard Overview

Lieagle Hoverboard Manual

This one tells you about safety guidelines, charging, storage, battery handling, and disposal. You also learn how to power the scooter, get on it, and ride away. Also, you get instructions on how to steer, turn, and get off.

The Hoverboard has a power button located on the backside of the scooter. On pressing the power button, the scooter indicates power on. It has a battery charge indicator, a balance indicator, and warning lights indicator.

When the scooter is plugged in and charging, the battery indicator lights will be red, and the indicator is green at full charge. When the scooter is on balance mode with a ride on, the balance indicator lights green.

A red warning light indicator flashes under the following circumstances:

  • Low battery voltage,
  • irregular platform angles,
  • system shutdown,
  • wheels get stuck, and
  • Speed limit reached

Lieagle Hoverboard App

The product lacks smart apps, but comes with an inbuilt wireless Bluetooth speaker so that you can enjoy your music while riding. However, it comes with automatic settings to limit speed and switch to sleep mode.

Lieagle Hoverboard Charger

The charger is a 42V 2A fast power adapter with a full charge time of between 3-4 hours: This quad lithium battery charger has a 3-prong inline connector for pocket mode and sports mode.

The hoverboard charger has an input: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A Output: 42V/2000mA, and a maximum power of 85 watts. Its power cable has 39.4 Inches and a short circuit, overload, and overvoltage protector.

Lieagle hoverboard Customer Service

They are responsive to customers’ complains and issues hence confident to order. The Hoverboard is shipped from the USA, and LIEAGLE provides service for every customer.


Below is a list of  Lieagle  hoverboards we will consider in our product review

  1. Lieagle Hoverboard, 6.5″ B-A2 black- Best For Going Uphill
  2. Lieagle two-wheel Hoverboard- Best For Long Range
  3. Lieagle 6.5″ A yellow grey, Hoverboard – Also Great for Long Range


Lieagle Hoverboard Review

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This Hoverboard comes with a long-lasting 36V/2A Lithium battery and 200 watts dual motor gives your kid an incredible riding experience. The mighty motor power enables cruising at speeds of up to 6.2 MPH and 30 degrees inclination angles.

With a net weight of 18 pounds, it’s easy to carry the board around. The user controls the impeccable speed of the Hoverboard, thanks to the electronic-based Hoverboard.

Its broad surface makes it easy to learn and maintain balance, thus beginners will find it suitable for them. Control is stable, allows a 360-degrees rotation, forward and backward motion.

The Hoverboard has UL2272 certification for safety and has an anti-skid pedal designed to reduce fatigue after a long ride. lieagle hoverboard manual

You can easily connect the Hoverboard inbuilt wireless speaker to portable devices and enjoy your favorite music without headphones—the Excellent light-emitting diode design with color lights and harmony for a colorful experience.

This board has a maximum range of about 6 miles, we see it’s not meant for severe transportation purposes, but instead, it’s a fantastic toy

• Weight: 18 pounds • Colour: black • Motor power: 200 watts. • Maximum speed: 6.2MPH • Battery capacity: 36V/2A Lithium-Ion. • Bluetooth speaker: yes • Size: 9.45 by 9.45 by9.45 inches • Maximum weight: 264lbs • Distance range: 6 miles.


Lieagle Two-Wheel Hoverboard

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High-intensity LED headlights to ensure you have a safer ride at night. Excellent RGB LED offers a colorful ride. This product possesses a built-in wireless speaker that you can pair with your mobile device and play music on your way.

The Lieagle hoverboard is Equipped with a quick learning system. The Hoverboard is easy to handle and control hence a happy riding. In addition to this, a self-balancing feature allows you to learn speedily. The weight limitation of 44lbs to 220lbs is just enough to make everyone encounter such a unique experience. lieagle hoverboard user manual

The Hoverboard comes included with a free hoverboard bag that will make the 18 pounds Hoverboard easier to carry around. They have powerful performance can race with speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour. The Hoverboard’s 200 watts dual motors enable it to 30° inclination.

Certified UL 2272 scooters go through vital testing to ensure their electric systems and battery, and charger systems are completely safe. Battery charging protection ensures your battery will be quickly charged while remaining safely cool. When fully charged, the guard will cut the power to avoid overcharge.

To provide a safer user experience and avoid slipperiness, it has stable foot grips.

• Weight: 18 pounds. • Dimensions size: 9.45 by 9.45 by 9.45 inches. • Colour: chrome gold • Motor power: 200 watts. • Maximum weight limit: 220lbs. • Bluetooth speaker: yes • Maximum Speed: 7.5MPH • Battery capacity: 36V/2A • Range: 10 kilometers.


Lieagle 6.5 Selfbalancing Scooter Review

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This Hoverboard is amazing for starters, daytrippers, dog walkers, office walkers, and you can gift it to friends. You enjoy dazzling and fun with Lieagle’s scooter that offers self-balancing abilities. The two LED lights up flash wheels and desirable front led Lights are appealing to the eyes.

Lieagle passes UL 2272 safety certification for safe driving hence suitable for both kids and adults. Using high-technology coupled with high-quality materials gives you a secure experience.

Lieagle provides the performance and maneuverability you need for an exhilarating experience.

The Lieagle 6.5″ Hoverboard has a self-balancing function and skid-resistant rubber foot platforms to keep you going for longer distances. The Hoverboard has a dual motor each of 160 watts enable fast cruising. It is a sturdy, heavy-duty hoverboard and supports a maximum weight of 264lbs. The 2A lithium-ion battery has significant battery duration; it is quick and easy to charge. Charging hours take 2-3 hours.

The Hoverboard has a maximum traveling speed of 6.2MPH, with a distance range of up to 10kilometers.

It is designed with a non-slip pedal, making it easier to ride and minimize exhaustion after long hours of riding.

• Dimension size: 9.45 by 9.45 by 9.45 inches • Weight: 18 pounds. • Motor power: 160watts. • Battery: DC 24V/2 A Lithium-Ion. • Colour: yellow grey. • Maximum weight limit: 264lbs. • Bluetooth: no • Max speed:6.2 MPH • Range:10 kilometers.


Final Verdict

In our verdict, we notice that these hoverboards are similar as seen in our products review, in the following ways:

  • They have UL 2272 safety certification and comply with US safety regulations for electrical charging systems and batteries.
  • They are stable and easy to ride.
  • Have 6.5″ large wheels, which are sturdy and can pass through beach, glass, and gravel with ease. So it is a good hoverboard for gravel.
  • Self-balancing, among others

These boards have some differences based on their suitability and practicality; we suggest that you assess your need accordingly.

Lieagle 6.5″ yellow grey Hoverboard is suitable for kids to ride on floors and smooth pavements, but not on gravel and rocky ground since it has a lower motor power of 160 watts. You would not want your kids’ get stuck away from home.

The Lieagle 6.5″ Hoverboard and Lieagle Two-Wheel Hoverboard are efficient for riding through the beach, gravel, and uneven surfaces since they have a large inclination angle,30 degrees, and higher motor power compared to Lieagle 6.5″ yellow grey Hoverboard’s.

Although Lieagle 6.5″ black Hoverboard is a fantastic board, excellent in all capacity exceeding all the others on the list. It is, however, not ideal for transportation with a range of only 6 miles. It has a higher weight limit of up to 264lbs, but its rival stands out in terms of distance range and speed.

Therefore, we recommend the Sea Eagle Two-Wheel Hoverboard for all-terrain, higher cruising speeds, long-distance rides, and an excellent riding experience for everyone.

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