Jetson manufactures several types of scooters and Jupiter is one of them. My Jetson Jupiter scooter review will help you to make the decision whether you should buy it or not. So keep reading.

For Whom Jetson Jupiter Scooter is the Best

jetson jupiter scooter review

Jetson Jupiter comes with 3 models, two of them are 2 wheels and one is 3 wheels. All of them are suitable for kids. But we can divide them into age range. Jeston Jupiter 3 wheel scooter is suitable for toddlers especially for ages 3-5. They used 3 wheels to ensure more safety as they are beginners. But I have seen personally kids more than 5 years old also can ride it like a pro.

Jupiter Kick Scooter is recommended for ages 3 to 5. Its adjustable handlebar enables all types of kids, shorter-taller, to ride it. Hold your breath, you will get more information about it in the product review section. So don’t be detached from reading.

The last one that called Jetson Jupiter Jumbo Scooter is suitable for age ranges 5 to 8. It is different from the 2 others in case of weight capacity, handlebar height, wheels size, product weight, etc. If your kid is more than 5 years old, then you can go with it.


Product Review

I know you want to know more detail about each product. You will know almost everything including the upside & downside in this section. So let’s get started.

1: Jetson Jupiter Mini Kids 3-Wheel Review


  • Model: Jetson Jupiter Mini Kids
  • Best For: 3 Years+
  • Color variability: 3 Color
  • Wheels: 3 Wheels
  • Braking system: Rear
  • Handlebar: Adjustable
  • Weight Capacity: 143 lbs

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Jetson Jupiter Mini is made for beginner kids. It is lightweight, sturdy, attractive. Kids will start loving it at a first glance.Jetson Jupiter Mini Kids 3-Wheel

  • Awesome lightings: The scooter makes my kids crazy because he found the lights on the stem, deck, and wheels. When he was riding the scooter all of them are glowing which made my kid excited. Its multicolor dazzling white lights give them unlimited fun. Besides, these lights remove the darkness of night when they are out of the electricity system.
  • Portability: At the time of traveling you can keep it with you. Its folding feature enables you to make it smaller to carry everywhere. Some people complained about the process of folding but after reading the manual they found it is quite easy to fold. So you kids will get extra fun when you are on vacation and traveling long distances.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Kids love to use their favorite thing for a long time. Jetson has used an adjustable handlebar which can be adjusted between 22.5” to 29.5”. I think this height is perfect for kids more than 3 years old. Even a 7 years old boy can ride it without any problem.
  • Other Features: it is equipped with 3 wheels where front wheels are 4.7” and the back wheel is 3.5”. These will glow up when your kid rides the scooter. In addition to this, it comes with a rear braking system that helps avoid collision when they are at high speed.
  • Weight Capacity: Jupiter Mini can up to 132 lbs at a time. Though it is made for 3 to 5 years old, it can handle up to 8 or 9 years old according to its weight capacity. Besides, the user found the scooter is sturdy enough and lasts for many years. Whenever your kid needs to carry it, he can because it is only 6-7 lbs.

Oh, sorry, forgot to say, you need to use the battery for lightings that are used in the scooter. In addition to this, the locking system is made with plastic that looks cheap. Otherwise, all other things are okay on this scooter.


2: Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter Review for Kids


  • Model: Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter
  • Best For: 5 Years+
  • Color variability: 6 Color
  • Wheels: 2 Wheels
  • Braking system: Rear
  • Handlebar: Adjustable from 20″ to 29″
  • Weight Capacity: 143 lbs

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My next choice for kids in the Jupiter series is Jupiter Kick Scooter. It is slightly different from the previous one. Let’s see what makes it different from the first one.

This scooter is different from the Jupiter mini kids scooter in case of wheels amount, handlebars, weight, etc.

Is it Portable?jetson jupiter kick scooter

Yes, the Jupiter kick scooter is lightweight and foldable. So you can keep it along with you wherever you go. Kids love to ride a scooter in the park and the feature enables them to enjoy the fun activity. Besides, it is only, 6 lbs which is quite light to carry. So no question can be raised from the portability end.

Is it Durable?

Whenever parents want to get any toy for their kids, they check durability at first. We all know the reason. Anyway, the scooter comes with a sturdy wide deck which gives enough space to keep the foot. In addition to this, it is made with durable frames that are last for many years. I have seen some kids who are using the scooter for 3 years or more. 

Does it Come with Braking System?

Yes, the scooter comes with a rear braking system that allows kids to control the scooter when they are at full speed. This type of braking system is okay for a kid’s scooter.

How many lights are there?

There are over 100 lights on the deck, stem, and wheels. I have found these lights are quite helpful at night. These ensure extra visibility, as a result, the rider feels safer to ride it than any other normal kids scooter.

Is there any downside?

Some users complained about the combination of battery and lightings. They don’t match perfectly. But it doesn’t happen with every product. If you face something like that, you may contact the manufacturer or seller to solve it. If you don’t love two wheels for 5 0r 6 year old, you may check the article on 3 whee scooter for a 6-year-old kid.


3: Jetson Electric Bike Jupiter Jumbo Kick Scooter Review


  • Model: Jetson Jupiter Jumbo Scooter
  • Best For: 8 Years+
  • Color variability: 3 Color
  • Wheels: 2 Wheels
  • Braking system: Rear
  • Handlebar: Adjustable from 32″ to 36″ 
  • Weight Capacity: 165 lbs

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Do you have a kid who is more than 8 years old and pushing you to get a scooter for him? If yes, you may check out the scooter. Jetson Electric Bike Jupiter Jumbo Kick Scooter

Jupiter Combon is suitable for the ages more than 8 years old. Its design, handlebar, weight capacity, are different from the previous 2. Let’s discuss more in-depth-

Big Wheels: Compared to the previous 2 Jupiter scooters, this one comes with the biggest wheels. Its 8-inch wheels found sturdier to ride. They can handle more shock compared to 4” small wheels. As the aged kids love to ride on everywhere, it is suitable for them.

Lightings: It also comes with a lighting feature, but one thing is different here. You will see no lighting on the wheels. But lights are used on stem and deck like before. I know it may disappoint your kids, but it is their policy.

Weight Capacity: Jumbo kick scooter is bigger than the previous 2. As a result, it can handle more weight. The maximum weight capacity recommended by the manufacturer is 165 lbs. So if your kid is little bit fat, there is not to be worried about.

Product weight: The Jumbo scooter weighs slightly high compared to a kick scooter. But not too much high. It is only about 10 lbs, so everybody can carry it without any hassle. Besides its folding system enable the user to keep it in their vehicle.

Downside: Some people have made complaints about its assembling. According to them, it is not durable enough. I think they ride it on rough terrain as they saw big wheels. But it is not suitable for rough roads. So avoid any type of rough road riding with this scooter. The wheels, screw, and other parts can’t handle the shock.


Jetson Jupiter Scooter Handlebars

There are 3 variations in Jetson Jupiter. These come with different heights of handles. Let’s check these at a glance-

Jetson Jupiter Mini: The handlebar range is 22.5” to 29.5” 

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter: The range is 20″ to 29″

Jetson Jupiter Jumbo Kick Scooter: The range is 32″ to 36″


How to Unfold Jetson Jupiter Scooter

You have to follow some steps to unfold Jetson Jupiter. These are-

  • At first push the lock lever then turn the Knob counterclockwise.
  • You will find it is loose. Then locate the quick-release lever and pull it up.
  • pull the Stem up from the deck at a 90-degree angle.  while releasing the quick lever. You will hear a click if it is fully unfolded.
  • Tight the lock lever using clock Knobwise and push the lock lever. You will find more about the process in the manual.

jetson light-up scooter reviews

Jetson Jupiter Scooter Instructions

Every Jetson Jupiter Scooter comes with a manual that will guide you on how to assemble, ride it. You will get maintenance tips as well.  Let’s know what you will learn from Jetson Jupier Scooter

  • Assembling: Some people especially beginners find it difficult to assemble a scooter. For them, the manufacturer has added proper instructions on how to assemble the scooter. They have given a clear-concise guide on assembling. So I hope you will face no problem. Still, if you face the problem, you may contact:
  • Handlebar Adjustment: Beginner riders also feel insecure while adjusting the handlebar. They think it might be broken. That’s why the seller provides proper instruction on how to adjust the handlebar step by step. So nothing to be worried about if you are inexperienced.
  • Safety tips: A producer always prioritizes the safety of a rider and Jetson is not different from it. They have talked about all of the safety tips in their manual. Some of them are-
  1. Choose the product based on the recommended age. Don’t buy a big scooter for a 3 or 4-year-old kid.
  2. Kids should have remained under adult supervision. Don’t let them ride scooters on a busy street.
  3. The deck can carry on a person. So no passenger is allowed.
  4. Avoid riding on wet, ice, or in water. Kids will lose control if they do it.
  5. Check screw and clamps before riding it.
  6. Don’t touch brakes that are found on wheels. These remain hot during riding.
  7. Avoid listening to songs on headphones while riding the scooter. Many accidents happened because of it.


Jetson Jupiter Scooter Lights not Working

Every Jupiter scooter comes with a lighting system. There may be several types of problems. The light may be damaged, or the connection with the battery is broken, etc. can be the cause of the problem.

If there is any problem with the battery, then the lights may not work properly. In that case, I will recommend sending it to the manufacturer if a warranty period is available. Or you can contact a mechanic who can solve the problem.


Warranty Period

Jetson Jupiter Scooter comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty. If you face any problem within the period, you should contact them to fix the problem. From my experience, I have found a very little problem with the Jetson Scooter.


Last Word

I have tried to mention all specifications, features of the Jetson Scooter. It is an experience scooter manufacturer and produces products based on user demand. So I can ensure you that you will not be dissatisfied with their product.

I hope you have read my Jetson Jupiter Scooter Review carefully and now you are able to take your decision. Do hurry to get your one today.


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