We will let you in on some of the juiciest secrets on these futuristic, trendy, and hip scooters in our Jetson hoverboard review. But let’s start with a new flash: hoverboards don’t hover. I know, bummer!

But hey, we still must acknowledge that these self-balancing rides have turned many of our fictional sci-fi fantasies into reality.

These insanely famous and desired big-boy toys have created quite a buzz and for good reasons. Keep reading to know which of the Jetson hoverboards are the best and why. Don’t forget to take a gander at the other sections, too, if you’re a newbie.

Is Jetson A Good Hoverboard And Safe To Ride?

Fortunately, Jetson hoverboards have successfully met all the recommended and standard safety measures as tested by the UL 2272. However, just like with any other preventive methods, it is recommended by certified bodies to wear proper protective gear at all times during the rides.jetson aero hoverboard reviews

These protective gears include body and head shields such as helmets, knee and elbow pads. Jetson hoverboards are also highly acclaimed for their safe, self-balancing scooters with higher value returns than the money spent. With superior quality in build, users don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get their hands on these safe hoverboards.


Jetson Hoverboard’s Performance:

Jetson hoverboards can take it all. That’s what the users have been raving about. Jetson hoverboards are also renowned for coping with maximum speeds based on their high functionality and profoundly durable nature. Most contemporaries also lack Jetson’s price point, which is praise-worthy too.

At cheap and affordable rates, Jetson hoverboard enthusiasts can attain the best self-balancing hoverboards. In terms of safety, Jetson hoverboards win the performance race, too, with UL 2272 certifications and maintaining the essential standards.

Most of all, even if you cover prolonged distance ranges every day, the recharge time is comparatively lower. This specific feature, amongst others like music implementations, optimized speed, and the most fantastic designs, makes Jetson hoverboards one of the greatest.


Build Quality Of Jetson Hoverboard:

The self-balancing Jetson hoverboards are primarily famous for their broadly accepted and appreciated Samsung battery implementation. In terms of quality, it speaks volumes as Samsung batteries are the safest options for hoverboards.

What’s even better is that their overall material collection is top-tier. These superior quality materials come together to form these Jetson hoverboards. Furthermore, unlike any other build, Jetson hoverboards can even cover up to 13 mph speed limit. And all this while consistently maintaining their self-balancing feature.

The sturdy and durable construction is so long-lasting that users can even climb approximately 23-degree hills, with a person weighing around 140lbs. This right here shows how stable and sturdy these boards are and how many diverse features they bear.


Product Review:

1: Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard 

Generously designed for any terrain tire lovers above 13, these self-balancing hoverboards have portrayed as the fastest lane catcher for years.

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The 50-watt dual hub motor in these four-wheelers can reach top speed in a flash. We’re talking about a ten mph speed limit in an all-electric power supply. Not only that, but regular users highly appreciate the long-lasting battery in these.

The rechargeable batteries can charge fully within 3 hours, have a lithium-ion core, and range as high as 12 miles. All this with minimum battery usage. Yay!

On another brighter note, the Bluetooth feature in this Jetson piece will get you in the perfect groovy mood with its timely beats, clear and crisp sound. What’s even better is that you can bounce your tunes as you spin and zoom.

But to make your experience easier and hassle-free, you can download the app and choose your ideal ride mode. The three varying ride modes let you play around with your ride and music choice until you finally settle with one. Or more!

Moreover, you can also check the distance, track your traveling time, and also share your adventures on these self-balancing wheels with your friends.

Don’t worry. All the Jetson Flash users have ranted about the model’s promise of smooth and safe traveling with the anti-slip gripping mat and terrain wheels designed to take on all kinds of trails.


2: Jetson Aero All Terrain Hoverboard with LED Lights 

Truth be told, we have read a tonne of Jetson Aero hoverboard reviews. And this one is no different as all of them talk about how crazy-good this technology is!

With tremendous technical build and unmatched sturdiness in construction, these Aero models by Jetson come with exquisite LED lights and an outstanding self-balancing feature.

In this hoverboard, the Active Balance Technology operates entirely on internal active sensors that ensure that the riders get the whole experience of safe and stable self-balance. It elevates the rider’s activity, as every twist and turn is made ten times more accessible and safer.

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Furthermore, it’s also built with such toughness that it can withstand all kinds of terrains. The wheel’s 6.5 inches size and rubber material exhibit are excellent off-road performance with an on-stand rear braking mechanism.

Here’s the best catch – The 300-watt dual hub motor transportation lights up and sparkles with every spin and turn. So, if you’re mindlessly looking for extraordinary construction and a magnificent exterior – this is it.

This black self-balancer has made every user feel safe with their anti-slip grip pads and intuitive dual-suspension structure.

It runs on 100% electrical power and offers an optimum speed limit of 7 mph and an optimized travel limit of 7 miles. With only 19 pounds, this terrain traveler can also accommodate you in your long or short vacations. It’s super lightweight thus, highly portable too.


3: Jetson Z12 Extreme Terrain Hoverboard

We know you’re looking for a Jetson hoverboard. But you also want something that’s a little outside the norm—a bit more fabulous with commendable construction. Don’t worry, with this Jetson Z12 hoverboard; all your wishes will come true.

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These Z12 editions represent how advanced hoverboard technologies have become, at least for the Jetson. It differs from its other well-known siblings due to improvised designs and an eye-catching exterior.

The UL 2272 certified self-balancer has a futuristic design mainly because of LED lights which are customizable. With these Galaxy Light-Up lights, you can customize and build your look.

The robust construction also has an implementation of 6.5 inches wheels which can take you on adventures up to 10 mph. The 400-watt dual hub motor also has a high ride range of 12 miles.

According to users, it’s not all about the appearances but if you’re set for wild and aggressive off-roads experiences, this all-terrain rover can beat them all.

You can also get the RideJetson app and listen to music as you roll on any IOS or Android device. The Bluetooth systems are enhanced in this model, and with the app, you can further unlock various other features. The app is free and extremely useful to feel the beat amongst other usages.

The customizable LED lights will also flicker to the beat of your tune while you ride away, including real-time updates on distance, ride time, speed, and brightness.


4: Jetson Magma All-Terrain Hoverboard –

The Jetson Magma hoverboard reviews are all consistent with praising this creation, which made us wonder how this affordable model does it all.

The 16 pounds Magma hoverboard has a comprehensive round-up of three hours charging time and that too after with delivery of seamless 8-mile distance. Performance-wise, nothing speaks louder to users as most contemporaries have higher charging time and lower mile coverage. So that’s a big win.

Jetson Magma hoverboard

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It doesn’t come in the generic square design. Instead, its jaw-dropping exterior has an oval structure which people seem to like more as they serve more space, better grip, control, and comfortable foot padding.

The tire sizes are 6.5 inches and come in the 400-watt dual hub motor type and Li-ion 36V battery type. It can also endure any user with up to 200 pounds weight with an enhanced 15″ climbing angle. This means that you can re-calibrate it according to your preference and watch the intuitive motor go back to its former position when switched on.

And as if that’s not enough, the LED light-up technology goes all around the foot padding and the wheels. You can also play around with the LED lights and customize them according to your choice.

Current users love its self-balancing, smooth travel experience. Even during quick and harsh turns, you don’t have to bend all the way, which might be dangerous too, at times.


5: Jetson Rave Extreme-terrain Hoverboard 

If you want to leave onlookers in frenzy, get this hoverboard. Our Jetson Rave hoverboard reviews will reveal everything that you need to know about this jam-packed model.

This cosmic, transparent gel wheeled innovation comes with flashing LED lights that you can customize depending on your liking. Moreover, it’s party-perfect, too – thanks to its enhanced Bluetooth speakers.

Users love the distinct and crisp music deliverance and how the lights dance along with your chosen tune. Moreover, the stable and safe self-balancing specification in this comes from the Active Balance Technology that severely focuses on attaining the most joy for riders while being the safest too.


Jetson Rave hoverboard reviews

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This also means that this advanced hoverboard is highly amateur-friendly. You can learn and cope with balancing and controlling free-hand while the hoverboard concentrates on ways to keep you safe. So, if you’re a newbie who’s looking for the best Jetson deal, you know what to get.

The 400-watt dual motor hub supports a maximum of 10 miles distance coverage and a full-speed range of up to 12 mph. Weighing only around 22 pounds, this bad boy can also charge up to 3 hours to deliver the promised contents.

It can also support a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds for any 12+ year teenager and adult. Moreover, as it comes with a 24V, Li-ion battery, it comes with a suitable 110-240V charger. So, learning and having fun can mesh in well, finally.



6: Jetson Capsule Hoverboard with LED Light-Up Wheels 

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If you’re looking for the most robust motor out there, the Jetson capsule will never disappoint. Just how it still hasn’t disappointed any of its loyal users.

This all-terrain taker features excellent light-up wheels by Galaxy Lights with a unique pattern of sparking up its wheels. You can customize the patterns of the illumination and LED lights according to your wishes. Be sure to turn a lot of heads as you roll past people on all kinds of terrain.

The powerful 500-watt dual hub motor technology can face speed limits up to 10 mph. Using cutting-edge stable and leveled rolling; the Active Balance Technology also comes with spontaneous internal sensors. These sensors support all varieties of hoverboard skills by any expert or mid-ranged skilled user.

We’re talking spins, turns, and other unimaginably cool tricks.

Jetson spends their valuable time and resources in acquiring the best-sorted, high-quality materials. And the same goes for this terrain challenger. With intricately placed and attained raw materials, they’ve committed themselves to build this top-tier, durable and sturdy Jetson Capsule model.

For the most elevated experience, download the Ride Jetson app from Apple Store or Play Store on your IOS or Android. Connect the device to your hoverboard’s Bluetooth speaker and witness dimensional music that can beat any other hoverboard and its features.

But not only that. The LED lights can pick up your favorite beat and sync its flickering system accordingly. How cool!

Maintenance Tips For Jetson Hoverboard

Maintenance Tips For Jetson Hoverboard:

There’s no denying that hoverboards are the coolest four-wheeler rides ever. In our Jetson hoverboard review, you will find some of the most iconic hoverboards, but we’re here to give you insights on some of the best-kept maintaining secrets.

  • Clean the hoverboard’s wheels regularly. Since any formulation of gunk in the wheels can affect the sensors or motors, it’s wise to give them a routine check and clean.
  • Don’t let it sit idly for too long. If it isn’t used or charged regularly, it will lose its functionality.
  • Keep your hoverboard clean. Utilize damp cloths to maintain their shine and keep them clean.
  • Let it cool off before your subsequent use. This also means that the battery gets to rest for a bit.
  • Examine the mechanical wirings regularly to spot any wear and tear.
  • Keep it in well-ventilated storage and not in an overly confined space. Let the hoverboard breathe and maintain its relaxed shape.
  • Check the flexibility of the pedals with each use. Often, when the tires go through customary wear and tear, you will notice that they’re either too loose or too tight. Check for such damages before riding.
  • Never hesitate to take professional help. If you can’t figure out the issue or pinpoint the damage’s origin, take it to your nearby repair store.


FAQs On Jetson:

  • Can a Jetson hoverboard play music?

Luckily, yes! One of the most-desired editions by Jetson, the X10 hoverboard comes with two Bluetooth connectivity levels. This addition to the features ensures users connect the app to the Ridejetson app and listen to music while riding!

However, this isn’t the only model with top-rated Bluetooth connectivity. After reading most Jetson Plasma hoverboard reviews, we’ve accumulated their seamless music delivery. Most other models by Jetson also come with at least one level of Bluetooth connectivity applicable for all Android and IOS users.


  • Are Jetson hoverboards waterproof?

Here’s the deal – Products made by Jetson are not waterproof but water-resistant. Meaning that your hoverboard can endure any given amount of water when splashed at it. However, the quickest way to avoid mishaps when they contact water is to dismount the hoverboard altogether. Turn off the power and charge for additional safety.

  • How do I connect my Jetson hoverboard to my phone?

  1. Switch on Jetson Beam so it becomes discoverable on your mobile device.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth option on your mobile device.
  3. The Bluetooth symbol should be on the topmost left corner of the Ride Jetson app on your phone.
  4. Tap on that Bluetooth symbol to select the Jetson Beam option.
  5. Enter a password.
  6. Wait for the devices to connect.

You’re done! Now, Jetson Beam should be paired with the Ride Jetson app.


  • Why does the Jetson hoverboard keep beeping?

The beeping noise in Jetson hoverboards acts like a signal when riders have reached the hoverboard’s maximum speed. In order to alert the user, Jetsons have intuitively added this beeping sound feature.

When the riders are alerted to this sound, they ought to slow down as a safety measure. However, you can also customize the speed limit’s setting with the Ridejetson app.

The hoverboard might also alert the users in cases of low battery and unstable sensor with this beep.


Last Opinion

So, there you go. We have unleashed everything in our Jetson hoverboard review. Now the ball is in your court.

Don’t forget to pick the best board based on your specific preferences, features, outdoor-endurance construction, battery life, speed choices, control options, and of course, your budget.

As we’ve juggled all of these requirements in our hoverboard reviews, we’re confident that there’s something for everyone, intuitively innovated by Jetson.

If you don’t like Jetson you may check our review of Liegle Hoverboard.

So, ready to ride on these futuristic four-wheelers? You bet!

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