We often put our pressure on our skateboard while riding it around the neighborhood or for long-distance commuting, riding down hills, etc. Maneuvering, and performing some dangerous skateboarding skills, without actually knowing the weight of the skateboard can be harmful for us.

We are so excited about skateboarding that we don’t care about the weight of the skateboard.

In this article, I will try to give you every piece of information on the weight of the skateboard, which comprises the weight of the general components such as the skateboard deck, wheels, trucks, bearings, and bushings i.e complete skateboard.

How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh?

Below is a list of the components that makes up a complete skateboard, as well as a detailed explanation of how much these skateboard components weigh:

Skateboard Deck Weight

Just as skateboard decks come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, so does their weight varies.

Most skateboard decks are heavier than others and as well weigh more than others. But a regular skateboard is not supposed to weigh more than around 1.2 kg as this weight is the ideal skateboard weight that is advised to buy as a skateboarder.


Others weigh more because of what they are made up of. Some skateboard decks weigh more than the regular size because they are built from 7 layers of compressed maple that are tightly joined together. Other decks like those that are made from bamboo tend to be a bit lighter than the decks made from maples.

Some other decks made from the same maple woods tend to be a bit lighter because instead of 7 maple layers, they are made from 6 layers of wood. This sometimes comes out weighing just the same as the ones made from 7 layers of maple wood because of the extra glue used in joining all the layers together.

The lightest skateboard decks known are the Element Helium Endeavor. The Element Helium Endeavor deck uses featherlight technology, and they are built-leaving a hollow space in between to help reduce the weight of the deck.

In the real sense, everyone will prefer a lighter skateboard as it can be easily lifted and used for various skating skills. But there have been claims surrounding lighter skateboards, saying that lighter skateboard decks break easily, thereby making you spend more on getting new ones.

Naturally, skateboard decks are supposed to last for a very long time if not forever, but these lighter boards tend to worn out and break because they can no longer withstand the continuous pressure when you begin to jump from hills or jump downstairs.

Skateboard Wheels Weight

The complete skateboard wheels come in four (two at each end of the skateboard deck). The four wheels are all the same in size and shapes and therefore weigh the same amount.


Skateboard wheels normally weigh between 200 to 250 g in gram, as this is the standard for measuring a 50 mm wheel with a hardness of 100A (durometer). But for longboards which are normally bigger and heavier than normal skateboards, their wheels weigh up to about 400g.

Skateboard Trucks Weight

Just as skateboard trucks are different sizes, designs, and manufactured by different companies- so does their weight differs.

There are skateboard trucks that weigh 350 g, while the lightest skateboard truck you can get in the market weighs 231g. The skateboard trucks that weigh 231 g are known as the Mag Light Lo.

Some skateboard trucks weigh 377 g, this skateboard weight is the normal standard for skateboard trucks. As you already know, you are required to have a double truck, meaning the approximate weight of a skateboard truck should be around 700 g.

The weight of a skateboard truck ultimately depends on the materials used in manufacturing the skateboard. Skateboard trucks are usually made from aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and of cause steel. So, the material a company chooses to use will tell how heavy or light the skateboard will weigh.


So, in a bid to decrease the weight of a skateboard truck that is made from steel, companies tend to bore a hollow axle around the metal steel and also create space for a kingpin. In return, the rider feels the skateboard is light enough. And this feature makes it suitable for higher popping as well as for performing flips faster.

In all, the weight of a skateboard truck is dependent on the size of the truck as well. To have a better-performing skateboard truck, I had suggested you go for a lighter truck, as heavier trucks affect the overall skateboard performance.

Skateboard Bearing Weight

The standard weight of skateboard bearings isn’t supposed to be more than 12-14 g which is approximately .02 to .03 when the weight is converted to pounds.

Knowing that to have a proper and functioning skateboard, you will need a total of 8 bearings per skateboard. So, the average weight of skateboard bearings per skateboard when all 8 bearings are combined is 100 g.


Some persons are still in the dark as to the actual use of a skateboard bearing. The skateboard bearing helps the wheel of a skateboard to roll on its axles. The bearing comprises about 6 to 8 balls that are packed between two shields and encased in a disc-like body.

Note that skateboard bearings come in a set of 8. Agreeing that a skateboard has four wheels, two bearings are inserted into each wheel. To know more about skateboard bearings, check the article what are the skateboard bearings made of.

Skateboard Bushings Weight

Skateboard bushings weigh differently, as different bushings are required for a different type of skateboard. Skateboard bushing weight varies from skateboard to skateboard.

Getting a skateboard bushing is dependent on the type of skateboarder a person is because there are different types of bushings.

Kids under the age of 12 need a very soft bushing of about 85A to 90A. Regular skateboarders need cone bushings with a hardness of about 87A to 92A. But for heavier skateboarders with great weight, you should consider going for 94A bushings.

Last Word

To avoid getting the wrong skateboard parts, you should know the weight of your various skateboard components. The above information given will help you get the right skateboard parts for your skateboards and in turn make your skateboard feel and ride better, and also avoid accidents and excess spending of money for new skateboard parts all the time.

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