Ever wondered how far can a hoverboard go? Read the article to find out everything you need to know about it and ways to get the best range out of it as well.

Hoverboards are getting updated as technology advances. In the past, a hoverboard could only run for a couple of minutes before it required hours of charging. But with some of the new models, that’s not the reality anymore.

But the question of how far a hoverboard go can’t be answered in a few sentences. That’s because it depends on what model you ride and stuff like its engine power, battery capacity, etc. Also, how much you really charged the battery before riding it can make a huge difference in the distance you’ll be able to cover.

That being said, let’s discuss everything you need to know about the amount of distance a hoverboard can cover and how you can get the best range out of it.

Answer to the question- How far can a hoverboard go?

If you’re riding a regular hoverboard with decent specs, you can easily cover around 7 miles in a single charge. For that to work, you must charge it to the max or the range will drop.


However, as you can probably tell, there are tons of models out there. Some of them come with flagship premium specs. For those hoverboards, riding 10-15 miles should be a pretty standard range per charge. But they take way less time to charge and feel nicer as well.

Now, there are two main factors that determine how much distance you can cover with your hoverboard. These are the speed and battery life. If you want to have more range, you should have both of these aspects balanced.

For instance, if the motor can ramp up 7 miles per hour but your battery lasts for only 30 minutes, that will do you no good at all. The same goes for the opposite scenario where the lack of speed will kill the range. So, you want the best of both worlds. But typically, you can expect a 7 miles per charge coverage with your average hoverboard without any issue.


What things affect a hoverboard range?

The estimated range that you got from the previous segment is pretty accurate when it comes to regular hoverboards. However, that might not be the case for you if there are problems with your hoverboards that you might not know. Let’s go over some common things that can easily cut off the range you can cover with your hoverboard.


Weight can really affect how much distance you can cover with your hoverboard. That’s because the more weight you put on it, the harder the motor needs to work. And it definitely drains the power from the battery super fast.

It’s not your weight alone that can affect the whole thing. The weight of your hoverboard also counts there. That’s why one with a lighter body weight can cover more distance compared to a heavier one.

You can put less stuff on yourself when you choose to ride your hoverboard. That’s going to make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on the engine. It’ll definitely help the battery to last a little longer, helping you to cover more distance with your ride.

Battery Life

what things affect range of hoverboard

Battery life is probably one of the most common issues that you’ll have with your hoverboard. That’s because you need to check every few months to see if everything is working as it should be.

If you find that your battery is not delivering its peak performance while fully charged, then you know it’s time to replace the battery. If you don’t replace it then, it’s going to get worse over time. And you definitely don’t want to stick out to watch that.

Just change the battery, and your hoverboard should be able to cover more ground without any other modification. So, make sure to be aware of checking the battery life and battery health of your hoverboard. And of course, take action and change the battery if it needs to be replaced.


The terrain you choose to ride your hoverboard on has a great impact on how much distance you can cover with it. If you ride on an excellent road with no roughness, you are going to get great range. Still, if you want to ride on rough roads then go for an all-terrain hoverboard.

But if you, for instance, choose to ride up a mountain, that’s going to take more engine power to do that. And that’s going to draw more battery life, which will ultimately cut off your distance short. The same goes for sand, gravel, grass, and even dirt trails.

So, try to avoid these terrains if you want to get more range with your hoverboard and you’ll get the best results.


This is quite a tricky thing as having too much or too little of it can affect the range you get. If you give your hoverboard too much speed, you’re going to blast through your battery life super fast. On the other hand, if you don’t build any speed, that’s going to eventually draw the power to zero, and you’ll be nowhere.

So, you must find a balance between speed and preserving power. That is the key to getting more distance with your ride. However, try to maintain a fairly decent speed, and you’ll be good to go.


How to get the best range from a hoverboard?

Now that you know how far can a hoverboard go and the things that can affect the range, it’ll be a good idea to learn how you can get the best range out of your hoverboard. That’s going to help you cover more distance without spending money on upgrading hoverboards or anything like that.

Use original charger

As you can probably tell, one of the most important things when it comes to getting the best range out of your hoverboard has to do with the battery life. And to maintain good battery life, you must use the original charger that comes with the hoverboard. That’s going to ensure the optimal charging environment, which is going to eliminate the risk of damaging your battery.

Never let the battery go to 0%

Another great tip to make sure that the battery health stays well for longer would be to not let it go down to absolute zero percent. You should plug it in once you see a battery low indication. That’s going to be a very healthy practice for your hoverboard and the ion battery inside of it. So, not only is your hoverboard going to last you longer, but you’ll be able to go for longer rides as well.

Avoid charging overnight

You probably have heard that charging an electric device overnight is not a great idea. It certainly is not for hoverboards as well. Whether your hoverboard requires 4 or 6 hours to charge up completely, you should do it in the daytime. That’s going to ensure that you don’t overcharge your batteries, which is going to damage them.

Do proper maintenance

Finally, proper maintenance is another key to getting the most range out of your hoverboard. Just make sure to clean your hoverboard once in a while, and store it away from direct sunlight or somewhere where water can reach. That’s going to make sure it lasts you for a very long time while providing you with your desired performance.

Besides all the other things I mention you should buy a hoverboard that is popular as for best range. For example, you can go with Flying Ant hoverboard to get the best mileage.


How long does a fully charged hoverboard last?


An average hoverboard should last you around 45 minutes to 1 hour pretty easily. That’s of course when it’s fully charged and everything is in perfect condition.

For most cases, you are going to be having a lithium-ion battery as it’s the most common type of battery used in a hoverboard. That gives fairly good battery life. But you do need a good battery if you want more ride time.

One of the most important things to do there would be to check your battery every few months to see if it’s losing its peak performance. That’s a big sign that you actually need to replace the battery and get a new one. Otherwise, your ride time will decrease over time, and there is no way around it other than going for a replacement.

Also, keep that in mind that how much your hoverboard lasts will also depend on the actual model you’re using. That means a premium hoverboard is more likely to give you extra miles before the battery dies. And if you are riding an old one, you can’t expect top-tier battery longevity from it for obvious reasons.


Wrap up

We just covered a ton of information on the question of how far can a hoverboard go. You should have no confusion about it right now. Also, we went over a few tips that can help you get the best range out of your hoverboard as well.

Remember, hoverboards are pretty awesome, and they are not going to be out fashioned in the next few years. And the upcoming models will have better batteries, more power, overall better runtime, and range.

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