Hover-1 is one of the most trustworthy names in the world of electric scooters and hoverboards. The Journey by Hover 1 is one of their best-selling e-scooters and it’s perfect for both beginners and advanced riders. 

This scooter is very comfortable to ride, has great style, and the build quality is just unbeatable at its price range. And there are many additional features that provide the best possible riding experience for everyone. 

Below, we’ll go over the Hover 1 Journey review so that you can see if this electric scooter is the right choice for you or not. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the in-depth review right now.


Description of Every Specification

Let’s check out the specs of Hover-1 Journey below so that you can have a clear understanding of this amazing scooter.

Motor: The Hover-1 Journey has a powerful 300w brushless motor that gives more power to the rider. You can even climb hikes with this e-scooter thanks to the raw strength of the motor.

Wheels: This scooter has 8.5 inches Pneumatic wheels that are made of stainless steel. The wheels are pretty big and definitely of premium quality to ensure a smooth ride.

Brakes: It has a rear braking mechanism to give you more control over your scooter. The premium disk brakes do a wonderful job of ensuring better safety. 

Material: This e-scooter has a high-quality aluminum and stainless steel build. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged on bumpy roads.

Battery: The Hover-1 Journey features a 30-cell Li-Ion battery that can go up to 5000 cycles. It takes 4.5-6.5 hours to charge and provides an excellent battery life once charged.

Weight: With a total weight of 10 kilograms, this electric scooter is one of the lightest ones you can find out there. There are not many solid yet lightweight e-scooters available on the market.

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How The Rider Will Feel While Riding the Scooter?

The Hover-1 Journey provides a super smooth and pleasant experience for the riders. It has all the features that you need such as great speed, long battery life, cruise control, etc. to ensure that you have the best time riding this scooter.

If you have tried a 3-wheeled scooter before, you know that they are pretty stable and have great control. Luckily, the Hover-1 Journey is also like that. The braking mechanism along with the premium wheels allows you to have great control over your ride. You’ll undoubtedly have the best time of your life riding this scooter.


How to Ride Hover-1 Journey Scooter?hover-1-journey

The Hover-1 Journey is just like all the other electric scooters available on the market. You won’t have any trouble riding it as it’s very simple to operate. First, you need to assemble the scooter properly, make sure it’s charged properly, and then you can ride it straight away.

There is a LED screen that will tell you the speed and other important details. And you can turn on the cruise control to have a smoother ride. Once you’re done, simply fold the scooter back and put it in charging mode so that it’s always ready for your next ride.


For Whom It Is Best And for Whom It is Not

As you just went through the Hover-1 Journey electric scooter review, you should have a pretty clear understanding of it.

However, it’s important to consider whether it’ll suit your riding style or not before you choose to buy it. To help you with that, let’s go over a few things you should consider before buying it that’ll tell you if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Speed: When it comes to speed, the Hover-1 Journey can get pretty fast. It can speed up to 14-15mph, which is pretty great for an electric scooter. You’ll definitely feel the thrill of riding it on the road. However, there is cruise control that can help you control the speed and have a smooth ride. So, you’ll get the most flexibility on the speed with this scooter.

Comfort: This e-scooter has good space for your feet. You won’t feel like you’re cramping your feet on the deck. Also, the rubberized grips will help you lock your hand naturally on the grip and have better control over your movements. The premium quality brakes are another great component as they help you feel safe on your ride.

Looks: There’s no argument that the Hover-1 Journey is a sleek and modern e-scooter that you can get for yourself. It has a standard design that suits you no matter what your age or style is. The overall body shape is very slim and the looks don’t compromise the functionality even a tiny bit. 

Battery Life: The hover 1 journey battery is quite strong, and you can expect a great performance from this. It’s a 30-cell Li-Ion battery that can easily last for many hours on a single charge. That should cover 17 miles without any trouble. That’s quite incredible for an e-scooter.

Durability: If you’re searching for a scooter with great durability, then the Hover-1 Journey is the best fit for you. It has a super sturdy build that will easily handle all the bumps and tough roads you throw at it. That gives you more freedom to enjoy the ride without having to worry about the scooter.

Assembly: The assembly part of this e-scooter can be the most troublesome part for beginners. It doesn’t come pre-assembled and you’d have to put the parts together on your own. That will take some time and effort on your end.


What are Alternatives to a Hover-1 Journey Scooter?

If you look at the features and specs of the Hover-1 Journey, you can already tell that there is not anything like it on the market right now. You just can’t find a better deal compared to this in its price range. That being said, if you don’t think this model suits you, then you might want to look at alternatives to this electric scooter.

In that case, you can check out MEGAWHEELS Electric Scooter as it’s a great option for you. This e-scooter has incredible build quality, & stunning looks, and it can provide you with the smoothest possible ride, which is amazing. 

You’re getting over 14-15mph speed on this scooter, and it can easily cover 17 miles for you without any hiccups. And the safety mechanism on this ride is just phenomenal. Although it’s a bit pricier compared to the Hover-1 Journey, it’ll suit you perfectly if you’re looking for an alternative.


Last Words

You just went through the most in-depth Hover 1 Journey review where we discussed all of the features in great detail. We also covered who this e-scooter is right for and checked out an alternative to it as well for someone who’s looking for something other models.

Remember, riding an electric scooter is very fun and you should definitely get a good quality e-scooter if you want to experience it all the way through. And the Hover 1 Journey is just the best deal for you in its price range. You should give it a try, it’s a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

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