Overview of Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard

Significant innovations lead to greater convenience for its users. Keeping this as their forefront, the Hover 1 h1 hoverboards are created to change your attitude entirely for the better towards self-balancing boards.

All the electric Hover-1 h1 reviews rave about this novelty invention that oozes coolness and has efficient and practical transportation modes that let riders commute indoors and outdoors.
With the sleekest design and durability, you can also make your rides fun with its built-in LED lights and speakers. Yay!

hover 1 h1 hoverboard review

Are Hover-1 H1 Hoverboards Good And Safe To Ride?

Yes, Hover-1  H1 hoverboards are good and safe enough to ride.

The Hover 1 h1 hoverboard range is standard and quite good, primarily because of its features and scope of fascinating designs. Moreover, these are incredibly affordable. Thus, the value you achieve is top-notch.

The Hover 1 h1 series comes with an array of specifications that all professionals and enthusiasts crave. On the contrary, the speed, comfortable foot padding, and design will accommodate beginners during their learning phase.

The UL-certified hoverboards have top-tier safety features like water resistance; overheat protection, and battery shield. Most often, their safety standard remains a staggering reason for their top sales.


1. Hover-1 h1 Hoverboard Review

Let’s start with the Hover-1 h1 iridescent hoverboard, which’s been the talk of the town for the longest time. But why? We’re here to answer that with our bias-free Hover 1 h1 hoverboard review.
While inventing this masterpiece, the manufacturers and designers never thought of changing the concept of self-balancing hoverboards.

Thanks to their smart move, this minimalistic yet futuristic hoverboard comes in its most popular iridescent, red, blue, white, and black colors.

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Range & Weight Capacity

This premium board has a compact yet sturdy frame and build that can hold up to 264lbs, which is surprisingly higher than most other contemporaries. And as if that’s not enough, its lightweight construction of only 22lbs makes it travel-friendly too. Thus, children and adults can ride this bad boy risk-free.

Motor Power, Battery & Speed

The magnificent-looking hoverboard runs on 250-watt motors and delivers a top speed of 10mph, which is an acceptable standard speed range that can accommodate newbies and pro riders.
Furthermore, it’s completed with the best fit of 36V, Lithium-ion battery that can deliver a maximum range of 12 miles like Jetson Flash. With less than 2.5 hours of juicing up, it can let you encounter a fantastic ride seamlessly.


Moreover, this Hover h1 hoverboard also features non-pneumatic solid-built tires with a measurement of 6.5″, which can protect and prevent dirt, and rain. Luckily, these are built to tackle stones, twigs, splits, and bumps on terrains, making them usable for all and any weather conditions. Even though there may be certain dangers of rolling through rain puddles, especially for beginners, the Hover-1 can withstand it.

LED Lights, Speaker & GPS

Other than the fabulous built-in customizable LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, GPS tracking, and 3-ride modes, the hoverboard is also embedded with foot sensors and outstanding automated stabilization. Due to this specific feature, riders can enjoy hours of this two-wheeler without consequences like fatigue or ankle cramps.

Riding Mode

As it comes with three riding modes, any beginner, advanced or expert hoverboarder can enjoy the experience. Simply, change the modes on your smartphone to elevate your adventures. Overall, these easy to balance, maneuver, and control characteristics make it a wonder for its current users. Some beginners even take no longer than 10 minutes to comprehend the mechanics.

And, we’re not surprised either. With calibration such as these – who wouldn’t be that lucky?

I Dislike

One downfall of this hoverboard is that it isn’t suitable for all-terrains, even if it can handle the harshest weather. But, if that’s something that you don’t plan on doing anyway then, you’re good to go! If you are looking for an all-terrain hoverboard from Hover-1 then you may check other Hover-1 hoverboards.

Let’s see all specifications

Model Hover-1 H1
Net Weight 22.04 lbs
Capacity 40-264 lbs
Max Speed 14.4 km/h
Max Distance 14.4 km/h
Max Incline Angle 15°
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage 36V
Battery Capacity 4 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Power Requirement AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Wheels Size 6.5″
Tire Type Non-Pneumatic Solid Tires
IP Raring IPX4
Bluetooth Range 33ft
Bluetooth Speaker V2.0 with stereo sound quality
UL Certification UL 2272

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2. Hover-1 h1-100 Review

Perhaps, our first pick isn’t your most-liked gig. Don’t worry; we have just the right product if you’re in such a pickle. Keep reading our Hover-1 h1-100 review to know why this can be ride-or-die if you want a deal with the utmost value with a budget-friendly cost.

You can quickly get your hands on any of the four colors according to your preference. Every user’s personal favorite has to be the Camo and Galaxy colored models. These are so uniquely mind-blowing that everybody craves for a piece.

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Important Features

To elevate this never-ending thrill even further, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth speak that you can connect to your smartphones and app. This feature meshes seamlessly with the ultra-bright infinity LED, grippy and durable wheels that flashes while touring. To match up to that standard, the IPX4 is also water-resistant. Woohoo!

Weight Capacity

This overall 17.2 lbs beauty can carry a maximum of 220 lbs. Needless to remind you, an adult, teen or kid can comfortably transport themselves on this two-wheeler. We can’t deny that such credit is due to the heavy and sturdy build, allowing you to have outstanding experiences outdoors. The durability of this piece is guaranteed with top-notch primary materials and A-grade manufacturing.

Safety Certifications

In ancient times, people used to break into a sweat about hoverboards catching fire and the batteries exploding. And even though, by ancient times, we mean a few years ago, times have changed drastically.

Thanks to Hover h1 hoverboard intuitive creations, these have UL2272- certified battery with UL-certified power cords. Furthermore, the models are also UN 38.3 and MSDS tested. Hover-1 knows how important safety is to their consumers, and they didn’t disappoint.

Motor, Battery, Range & Charge Time

Both the motors run on 200-watts and can deliver seamless hours of rolling with around 6 hours of full charge. What’s even better is that the 36V battery capacities come with discharge and overcharge protection. All these combined can serve the users a maximum speed of 7 mph. This means that hoverboard practitioners of all skill levels are welcome to encounter what this beast has to offer.

I Dislike

On a slightly different note, many users seemed annoyed by its nonchalant movement when kept idle. It will roll around in circles rather than staying put when not in use. Moreover, even with the app, the effects and lights on the wheels have a mind of their own. You can’t do much with the wheel’s LEDs, but the LED beneath your feet can take a hint.

Let’s see all specifications

Model Hover-1 H1-100
Net Weight 16.3lbs
Capacity 44-220 lbs
Max Speed 11.26 km/h
Max Distance 16.09 km/h
Max Incline Angle 10°
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage 25.2V
Battery Capacity 4.0 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Power Requirement AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Wheels Size 6.5″
Tire Type Non-Pneumatic Solid Tires
Bluetooth Range 33ft
Bluetooth Speaker V2.0 with stereo sound quality
UL Certification UL 2272

If you don’t like these Hover-1 hoverboards, you may check also Swagtron and CBD hoverboard reviews.

hover-1 h1-100 review

Some Guidelines on Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard

  • Before start riding the H1 hoverboard, learn how to ride and control it. You can use the manual to know how to ride an H1 hoverboard
  • Don’t ride the hoverboard in icy or slippery places.
  • Use protective gear, like a helmet, knee pads, etc. if you are a beginner.
  • H 1 operating temperature is 32-104° F. So keep in mind that.
  • Keep it in dry and open places. And keep away from dust as well.
  • Avoid crashes as it is a motor-powered board.
  • Don’t ride it if it is damaged or dropped before.
  • The heart patients should not ride it.
  • Keep its battery away from flame and sunlight.
  • Physical and mental people should not be allowed to operate it.



Wrap Up

As our Hover 1 h1 hoverboard review comes to an end, let’s let you in on the biggest secret. No other hoverboard can bestow the greatness of our top pick – the Hover Hoverboard Electric Scooter.
That’s right. This versatile and robust hoverboard can render to all ages and sizes. Hence, if you can sneak this into your budget, don’t let it slip!s

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