Is the Hiboy Hoverboard Safe and Comfortable to Ride?

Yes, the Hiboy hoverboard is completely safe to ride. The hoverboard is UL2272 certified which means it has passed all safety tests before being live into the market. So there is no way to be scared about safety. 

Its lightweight design, 100-watt dual motors, anti-slip pedal, vibrant light, hand step, etc. things make it super comfortable to ride as well as carry to everywhere. If you are a beginner before going to the road, try it in your backyard. This practice helps a lot to introduce how to control it easily. My Hiboy hoverboard review will help you to make decisions whether you should buy it or not.

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For Whom Hiboy is The Perfect One?

The hoverboard is suitable for kids especially ages 6 to 12. The manufacturer has focused on the kids when developing this hoverboard. That’s why they have made it light and vibrant. Kids love its LED features. Its 16 lbs weight and handle step facilitate carrying it easily.

hiboy hoverboard review

Is Hiboy a Good Brand

Hiboy is a company that concentrates on developing an environment-friendly individual transportation system. They have been producing electric scooters and skateboards for many years. But they are new in the hoverboard or self-balancing scooter industry.

But I have found their hoverboard as good as the Hover 1 brand. They are committed to producing the best product whether it is a hoverboard, electric skateboard, or scooter. So you can rely on their product.


Hiboy Hoverboard Review


  • Brand: Hiboy
  • Best For: Kids
  • Wheels: 6.5”
  • Weight Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Range: 5.5 Miles
  • Speed: 7.5 Mph
  • Charge Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Motor: 100 Watt (Dual)

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  • Unique Performance: With 100-watt dual motors 36V/2 Ah battery the hoverboard performs equally inside and outside of the house. The power-saving battery ensures less battery consumption which increases the battery life. Its one-click Bluetooth connection feature provides extra entertainment while riding the hoverboard.

Your kid will be able to rotate in 360 degrees instantly with its 6.5 inches wheels. It is so cool that your son or daughter will love it from the first day of riding.

  • Stable Riding Experience: The hoverboard comes with unique-looking non-slip pedals that help to understand where to keep your foot exactly. I personally love this feature. It is very helpful for beginner kids. These pedals ensure easy turning and rotating that results in stable, smooth & comfortable riding.

  • Super Portable: The hoverboard is only 16 lbs that is quite low compared to the other hoverboards. Its weight is quite suitable for kids as they can handle the weight easily. Its extra hand step feature helps to carry it with only one hand. So no way to complain about the portability.


  • Range, Speed, Charge Time: As Hiboy is made for kids, the maximum speed is given 7.5 Mph which is quite decent for a beginner kid. With a 36V, 2Ah fully charged battery, your kid will be able to travel 5 to 5.5 miles. The range is perfect for riding in the backyard or visiting the nearest house. When I tried to recharge it, it was taking 3.5 to 4 hours for a full charge. It is not bad according to me.


  • Other Features: Hey, there’s more that I have missed. Its triple LED lighting system will make your kid cheerful. These lights ensure a vibrant, colorful, bright, and safe riding experience. Even at night time, your kid will face no problem riding it. In addition to this, your kids can enjoy their favorite song using the Bluetooth speaker which is very easy to connect. hiboy hoverboard for kids


  • Downside: I have found no significant downside in the hoverboard. If I say, I can complain about miles and charge. With some other hoverboards, you can travel more distance at full charge compared to it and they require less time to charge. As the hoverboard is developed for kids, these are not huge deals.


  • Overall Opinion: In one word, Hiboy has made the hoverboard for kids. They have included all of the features that are required in a kid’s hoverboard. Moreover, the hoverboard can withstand only 120 lbs which indicates that it is a kid hoverboard.

Easy to ride, lean-to-steer design, super turning ability, portability, smoothness, etc. features make it one of the best hoverboards for a beginner kid in the market.


Hiboy Hoverkart Review

Some people ask me, does Hiboy manufacture hoverkart? Yes, Hiboy manufactures hoverkart which you can connect with your Hiboy hoverboard. It gives extra entertainment when you can turn your hoverboard into a go-kart using the hoverkart. Let’s know some of its features

  • Easy installation: It is very easy to install the hoverkart with your hoverboard. I have seen you complete the installation within 15 minutes as the hoverkart comes in fully assembled. The kart works with 6.5 to 10 inches wheels. So no problem with the hoverboard from other companies.


  • Smooth Performance: The steering helps you to control the go-kart fully which ensures a smooth riding experience. In addition to this, it is safe enough even for 4 years old.


  • Suitable for Kids & Adults Both: It doesn’t matter whether kid or adult, everyone can use this hoverkart as the leg pedals are adjustable. According to the manufacturer, the recommended age is 4 to 65 years and the maximum weight capacity is 270 lbs.

Alternative of Hiboy Hoverboard

Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard, Built In Bluetooth Speaker, All Terrain Tires, Reach Speeds Up To 10...
  • FLASH HOVERBOARD: A sleek black profile, with high visibility front deck lights and RGB wheel LEDs. The Flash has a high top speed, long range, and heavy-duty off-road design. These hoverboards give you the best ride with our automatic smart self-balancing technology.
  • AUDIO FIDELITY: The durable onboard bluetooth speakers can connect to smart devices and play your music in time with the lights on your hoverboard. Listen to your favorite music during your ride. The speakers are powered by the same rechargeable battery as the hoverboard.

Is Hiboy Hoverboard Suitable for Off-Road Riding?

All hoverboards are not suitable for off-road riding. There are some features that are required to ride a hoverboard on an off-road. The first feature is a big tire, 8 to 10 inches wheels are more suitable for off-road. And the motor should be powerful enough to handle off-road riding.

In that case, Hiboy is not the best one for off-road riding. All-terrain hoverboards are good ones for off-road riding. I have talked about the best all-terrain hoverboard under $200 already. You may read through the article to get the best one for off-road. Don’t go with Hiboy.


Wrap Up

Riding a hoverboard is entertaining to people. But we need to be careful when choosing the hoverboard for kids. We need to think about their safety.  According to my personal opinion, Hiboy is the best one for kids available in the market. It is safe as well as comfortable for 6 to 12 years old kids. I think you have no doubt about the performance after reading my Hiboy hoverboard review.


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