Are you looking for a hoverboard with exciting design and features? Then the Gyroor Swift Hoverboard can be one of the best options for you. Its overall design and performance will surprise you. In today’s Gyroor Swift Hoverboard review, I will try to break down all of its features, upside-down, etc. So let’s start–

Note: The Gyroor is also called the Gyroor t580 hoverboard. So don’t be confused about it.

Are Gyroor Hoverboards Good?

Yes, Gyroor hoverboards are good and safe to ride.

The Gyroor is one of the top-selling hoverboard brands available in the market. They manufacture several types of hoverboards for different purposes. For example, Gyroor swift is the best one for kids with the most features. It is also good for doing some tricks. Through adult mode, the rider can do these tricks. From my experience, the hoverboard is well enough.

I have seen their other hoverboards for example Gyroor warrior, Gyroor off-road, etc. I have found they are quite good to ride. And the user experience is also good. Most of the users get a solid performance from their hoverboards. So, you can keep one in your collection without any doubt.

gyroor swift hoverboard reviews

Where is Gyroor Located

Gyroor is a Shenzhen-based company that was founded in 2012. From the beginning, they are involved in the evolution of hoverboard technology. From 2018 its 150 employees are working together to fulfill the CANI to their products and procedures. CANI means constant and never-ending improvement of their products. Though it is a China-based company, it has a branch and warehouse in the USA, Jason.


Gyroor t580 Hoverboard Review (Gyroor Swift)

Are you looking for a hoverboard for beginners and experts? Then the Gyroor Swift Hoverboard is one of the best options available to you. Its children mode helps to ride beginner kids while adult mode helps advanced riders to do tricks. If you are a teen you may check out the guide hoverboard for 13 years old.

Motor & Battery: the hoverboard comes with a 250W dual motor. These motors ensure a stable and smooth riding experience. Its 2.0Ah /36V lithium-ion battery requires 1.5 to 2 hours fully. But I have seen it take more than 2 hours to charge fully. I have found 2.5 to 3 hours.

Range & Speed: When I rode this hoverboard I traveled 6.5 miles at full charge. Then I put it to recharge in my friend’s house. But the manufacturer said that the range is 5 To 7.5 miles. And the speed was 8 miles when I was riding at full speed.

Tire: You will see 6.5 inches tires with the hoverboard. With its 250 watts dual motor and 6.5” tires, you can ride inclined to 15-30°. It also depends on your weight. I will not recommend riding this hoverboard on rough terrain as the tire is not compatible with it.

More Features: It features a Bluetooth music speaker that gives extra entertainment while riding the hoverboard. I have seen the manufacturer has used self-balancing technology for better balancing. Its colorful LED lights help to ride the hoverboard safely at night. You can adjust the LED lights through the app.

App Control: The manufacturer has developed an efficient app for its users. With the app, you can control your hoverboard. For example, you can change the riding mode from children to adults through the app. And the speed is also adjustable through it. The app looks very helpful as I can check the battery condition and adjust the LED lights.

gyroor t580 hoverboard review

Are you worried about Safety?

Don’t worry. As an expert, my work is to suggest you a safe product. Their Gyroor Swift hoverboard has passed all electrical and safety tests. This test is called UL 2272 certification. So it is safe to ride.

Is the hoverboard Portable?

Obviously, the hoverboard is portable. The dimensions of the product are 26” x 9” x 8.6”. I have found the net is 15.8 pounds that looks portable to me. You can take it along with you to your college for movement. Hahaha…..

Is there any Downside of Gyroor Swift Hoverboard?

I didn’t notice any big problems. Some people complain about its battery but if you have any complaints about the battery you may contact customer support. They are ready to solve it. But I found no problem with my one.

And the other problem is, it is not an all-terrain hoverboard. You can’t ride it on gravel. It is suitable for normal surfaces. But in my opinion, these are not big deals to create a handicap to buy it.


How Fast is the Gyroor hoverboard?

Gryoor F1 can go as fast as18.6 miles. It is the fastest hoverboard from this brand. I have seen most of the hoverboards from Gyroor can go 7 miles to 12 miles at high speed. In that case, the Gyroor F1 is the best one for speed. If you are looking for a fast hoverboard then go for it. The highest speed of Gyroor t580 is 8 miles.


How much is a Gyroor hoverboard?

The brand manufactures different types of the hoverboard. Some of them are for kids and are for adults. Some of them are for flat ground and some of them are for all-terrain. So the price varies from a hoverboard to hoverboard. It totally depends on the features of the hoverboard. I generally have the price range vary from $150 to $400 based on features and facility. The Gyroor swift is $167 while Gyroor all-terrain is $299.


Last Word

The Gyroor Swift is one of the best I have used and reviewed. I have seen it perform smoothly. All of its features including riding mode, LED lights, charging hours, and range forced me to love it. I hope you will love it also if you start riding it.

I have found the Gyroor Swift is far better than my previous one which was H1 from Hover-1. In many cases, Gyroor performs better than H1

I hope you are satisfied with my Gyroor Swift Hoverboard Review. Order the hoverboard now and start riding from the next day tomorrow….

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