A hoverboard is a self-balancing electric scooter. It is also called smart balance wheels. Your weight allows you to control the cruising speed.

Whether you’re riding through obstacles, rain or shine, mud or grass, the best hoverboard for gravel should provide speed, stability, and range while smoothly negotiating corners, climbing hills, and enduring rocks and bumps.

Can a Hoverboard Go On Gravel?

A standard hoverboard is limited to smooth pavement. These hoverboards are suitable for leisure riders looking for outdoor exploration and activity. They are, however, not intended for rougher terrain, like gravel or tall grass.

Currently, off-road hoverboards have gained popularity with features that allow them to be suitable for all-terrain:

  • We recommend a larger hoverboard tire than the standard types, with a size of 8.5 inches or more.
  • Stable, durable, puncture-resistant rubber tires that require minimal maintenance and no replacement.
  • Deeply grooved tires to ensure a good grip on rough surfaces and good power from a 200W motor.

We recommend an IPX4 hoverboard to protect your hoverboard against contact with water and dirt. A durable casing for your board will protect the internal components from impact, drops, and flying gravel.


Let’s walk through a gravel hoverboard review to help you find the top hoverboard for gravel among the following product list.

  • Gyroor-Hoverboard
  • Halo Rover-X Hoverboard.
  • Jetson Electric-Bike Hoverboard


Gyroor Best Hoverboard for Gravel


  • Max Speed: 9.95 Miles/Hour
  • Charging Time: 1.5 -2 Hours
  • Tire size: 8.5 inches.
  • Motor power: 700 watts
  • Colour: black.
  • Maximum load: 265 pounds
  • Bluetooth speakers: yes
  • Dimensions:29.6 inches by 9.9 inches by 8.8 inches

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Gyroor hoverboard has two motors that come with a maximum power of 350W each. This power allows you to travel up to a distance of between 7.5 to 9.5 miles on a full charge at a top speed of 9.95 miles per hour.

Also, you’ll love its powerful lithium-ion battery. Its charge rate of 4.0Ah/36V ensures you enjoy a long smooth ride.

The battery charging time is just about 1.5 to 2 hours. It has a charging voltage of up to 240V/50-60Hz.

The tires have colorful LED lights that illuminate the dark paths. Adding to the fun, the Bluetooth pro music speakers provide entertainment as you ride to your tune.

The Gyroor Warrior has some features designed to ensure your safety. It comes with sturdy UL 2722-approved metal and aluminum with a self-balancing mode and shock-absorber.

The 8.5 inches of solid rubber tires give you the right height to escape molehills and rocks. The board can glide up to a 30-degree maximum climbing angle.

The hoverboard allows a maximum load of 265 pounds and has a net weight of 33 pounds. Hence, it’s suitable for both adults and young riders. It is long and broad, measuring 29.6 inches by 9.9 inches by 8.8 inches.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about stability and sturdiness in riding. It is considered also a heavy-duty hoverboard.

  • Speeds can be as high as 9.95 MPH
  • Up to 9.5 miles driving range
  • Robust dual motors
  • Suitable for both young and mature people
  • Very safe and stable
  • Long battery life
  • Shaking while trying to ride, and
  • Complains of poor Bluetooth connectivity


Halo Rover X hoverboard For Gravel


  • Tire size: 8 ½ inches
  • Bluetooth speakers: yes
  • Motor power: 800 watts
  • Maximum load: 300 pounds
  • Maximum speed: 10mph
  • Colour: black
  • Battery charging time:5 hours

gravel hoverboard review

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The hoverboard comes with aluminum wings to protect you against falls and impacts. Therefore, you can bet you and your hoverboard will last for a longer time.

It measures 9.1 inches by 8.7 inches by 27.5 inches and a weight of 32 pounds. Therefore, it is large enough, and its heavyweight ensures excellent stability. Its indestructible 8.5 inches aluminum wheel is broad enough to add to its strength and suitability when cruising on any terrain.

One such profound component is its batteries made of LG lithium-ion. It allows the hoverboard to reach 10 miles. You can operate the hoverboard continuously for a maximum of 60 minutes. And with the UL certified charger included, the batteries take 2.5 hours to charge to full capacity.

The Rover X comes with a mighty motor power of 800 watts. This power allows up to 20 degrees inclination angle, giving you a high balance as you ride around the uneven ground.

The hoverboard’s halo technology sensors are exclusive to this type of hoverboard. By analyzing the rider’s patterns of movements, the board can adjust for a more personalized experience. This ride-assist technology ensures riders from beginner, standard and advanced levels all have a smoother customized ride.

Halo Rover has UL 2272 hoverboard and UL 2271 Battery safety certifications. This feature ensures that your hoverboard does not catch fire while cruising.

The hoverboard also comes in handy with a mobile app that helps track your current speed and indicates battery power level. You can also track your distance and location on a map with the mobile app.

Finally, the built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to pair with your phone and blast music while cruising.

  • Tough and resilient to different terrains, including bumps and cracks
  • Its mobile app is easy to use
  • Easy to ride
  • Very stable
  • Has safety features
  • It is relatively expensive
  • Heavy to carry around than a standard hoverboard


Jetson-Electric Gravel Hoverboard


  • Weight Limit: 220 lb.
  • Product Weight: 15 lb.
  • Tire Size: 6.5″
  • Max Speed:7 mph
  • Max Range: 7 Miles
  • Battery: 36V, 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Motor power: 300W
  • Charger: 100-240V
  • Charge Time: 3 Hours
  • Climbing Angle: Up To 15°
  • Colour: aero

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Amazingly, the most profound thing we notice about this fantastic board is the aero color, which is quite attractive. It has front LED lights and light-up wheels which sparkle as you spin.

The solid hard rubber wheels are suitable for all-terrain—the all-terrain. The 6.5 inches tires can handle adventurous off-road rides with stability.

Jetson electric bike hoverboard has an active balance technology. The internal sensors help keep you at the level and stable once the hoverboard is powered.

Carrying around the hoverboard is a lot easier as it only weighs 15lb hence a recommendation for kids. The electric self-balancing hoverboard takes a maximum load of up to 220lb and therefore suitable for adults.

The dual 300 watts motor provides sufficient power to cruise at speeds of 7miles per hour over a wide range of about 7 miles. The hoverboard also comes equipped with a rear braking brake style that eases halting motion and direction change.

  • Good battery life
  • Light but sturdy
  • High speeds
  • LED lights for illumination
  • Solid hard rubber wheels for all terrains
  • Easy to use
  • Its light hence may be unstable at higher speeds
  • Low climbing angle hence not suitable for gravel pavement or concrete


What Thing Should You Consider Before Buying a Hoverboard For Gravel?

Tire size: Standard hoverboard types with about 6.5 inches tire size are effective in even surfaces. However, if you wish for adventurous cruising on rough terrain with dirt, gravel, and dirt, some larger tires of size up to 8.5 inches are recommended.

Tire Material: Riding on rough surfaces and gravel pavement may be stressful for ordinary plastic tires, which are worn out quickly and may thus require replacement.

However, a reliable hard rubber tire is indestructible and has some crazy off-road capabilities. These heavy-duty tires are long-lasting and will never need replacement.

Wheels’ tread pattern: A good grip is nearly essential for your hoverboard. Deeply grooved treads on your tires ensure that you do not lose your grip and slip, riding in uneven paths. It would help if you considered looking for rugged hoverboards with tread in a deep, staggered pattern for excellent traction.

Motor Power: It would help if you had tough, rugged tires and a powerful motor to complete the excellent performance in rough terrain.

A powerful engine is an essential requirement since it is a reliable hard rubber tire. We recommend the motor power of 200watts and more for practical cruising on rough, uneven surfaces.

Protection Against Water and Dust

To protect your hoverboard from getting battered, dirty, and wet, ensure that your hoverboard is well adapted.

It’s essential to have your hoverboard rating at least IPX4 as it lets you know that you are safe against the impact of water and dirt. The casing should also safeguard the hoverboard’s internal components against the effects of pebbles and water drops.

Are These Hoverboards Durable?


These hoverboards are incredibly durable, and the indestructible solid hard rubber tires offer a more extended riding experience made from metal and aluminum. They are well suited for all-terrain and generally do not require replacement.

They are naturally water-resistant, have higher inclination angles and rigid construction. These features make these hoverboards safe from destruction by stones, pebbles, dirt grass, and water.

The aluminum construction and UL certified material make these hoverboards reliable, water-resistant, and tough for cruising in all terrains. Your experience with any of these hoverboards can be formidable.

Final Verdict

We recommend the Gyroor warrior hoverboard as the best hoverboard for riding on gravel. This off-road hoverboard consists of powerful motors of 350 watts each, which enables comfortable cruising along rough terrain.

Although not the highest in our list, a higher inclination angle of 30-degrees- for practical cruising on gravel, a larger board, solid hard 8.5 inches rubber tires for sturdiness, and safety features make this board just unique!

Its profound features for stability, such as large size and weight, add to its strength. Its toughness and resilience due to the UL certified material make it conquer others for cruising in all-terrain. For an off-road cruising experience, the Gyoor hoverboard matches its value for your money.

We recommend you try out this hoverboard, and you will not regret it.

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