Thanks to technological advancements, it is far easier to commute from place to place. You can do that by either bus, train or with a hoverboard. Yes, you read that right you can commute with a hoverboard as well.

All you have to do is get a hoverboard that can travel a longer distance than the usual hoverboards. Such hoverboards aren’t that complicated to find since there are several options on the market.

However, before getting such a hoverboard, you need to be sure they can withstand commuting over long distances. That means getting a relatively powerful hoverboard. And how do you get such a board?

Read our review to see the best hoverboard for commuting and more on how to choose the ideal commuter hoverboard.

Are Hoverboards Really Good for Commuting?

Before you start thinking of it, why would someone get a hoverboard for commuting? Would it be worth it? These are a few of the questions one would naturally ask themselves before trying out commuting with a hoverboard.

hoverboard for commuting

A hoverboard can be a great way to move from place to place. But would it be a good idea to commute with one? The answer is a resounding yes. Provided you get a quality hoverboard.

The only issue might be with the kind of surface you use the hoverboards on. They can’t be that disruption-free on rough roads. For that reason, you will have to ride the hoverboards on smooth pavements.

How We Tested the Products: In choosing the best hoverboards for commuting, we had to consider several factors. We tested the resistance of the hoverboard’s wheels on different terrains. That was to see whether the wheels can withstand rougher terrains. We also tested whether control was simple for a rider. If you are to commute with a hoverboard, you will want it to be easy to control.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Hoverboard for Commuting

Before getting a hoverboard, there are several factors you’ll have to consider.

  1. Safety

How safe is the hoverboard? Will you feel safe riding it? Those are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a hoverboard for commuting. Most hoverboards will come with safety gear.

Such safety gear includes a helmet or even safety goggles. As much as there have been advancements in the hoverboard industry, they aren’t entirely accident-proof. They won’t catch fire that fasts, but they can still be a danger to you.

That is why you need to consider how safe a hoverboard is before buying.

  1. Battery Quality

If you are commuting, you will want a hoverboard with a good battery. That will mean a battery that can last you longer rides. The battery should also be fast to recharge and not make the hoverboard heavier.

A good battery should last you 2 to 3 hours. You find some that can only last an hour or close to an hour. You wouldn’t want a low battery sneaking up on you while you are in the middle of riding the hoverboard to work.

  1. Weight

If you are looking to buy a hoverboard for commuting, you will need to get one that’s as light as possible.  That isn’t to say the heavier models are in any way inefficient. A lighter hoverboard will ease navigation issues.

What’s more, you can always carry your lightweight hoverboard under your arms if you get to an area you can’t use it. Most of the hoverboards on the market have negligible weight, though. You thus needn’t worry about the weight of the hoverboard you get.

commuter hoverboard

  1. Top Speed

If you are to get a hoverboard for commuting, you will need to consider the top speed of such a hoverboard. That means going for one that has a higher top speed or a higher speed range. A higher speed limit means you will get to places faster. Several hoverboards have high-speed ranges, while others have smaller speed ranges.

You should consider their top speeds and the speed limit because it will directly affect how fast your commuting will be. It will, however, be up to you and the kind of hoverboard you want.


Best Hoverboard For Commuting Product Reviews

1. Swagtron Swagboard

If you’re looking for a commuter hoverboard, then the Swagtron Swagboard hoverboard should be among your top options. Not only does it come with safe battery technology, but it is also explosion-proof.

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This hoverboard also comes with 30 music-synced LED lights. That means you can listen to your favorite music as you use the hoverboard with the lights flashing and showing you a clearer path even with dim light.

The Swagtron hoverboard also has dual 300 W motors that provide 600 W of power that powers the hoverboard. You can thus be sure the hoverboard will move over a greater distance. It also comes with eight-inch wheels that are tough and resistant to most rough terrains. The wheels are maintenance-free and durable to enable you to use the hoverboard for a longer time.

This hoverboard also has Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to and listen to your favorite music. You can listen to music as well as audiobooks as you ride.

You can achieve a top speed of 8 miles per hour with this hoverboard. That should make it easier for you to cover greater distances. Another thing you will love is that you can cover almost 7 miles on a single battery charge.


  • Motor: Dual 300W
  • Maximum Speed: 8mph
  • Range: Per Charge- 5 to 7 miles
  • Tire: Solid rubber
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Yes


2. Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard

Another option you can go for if you are looking for a hoverboard to commute is the Hover-1 chrome hoverboard. Like its predecessor on this list, it also comes with inbuilt speakers that enable you to listen to music as you use it.

The Hover-1 also comes with a 24V battery of 4Ah capacity. The battery has an overcharge and discharges protection to protect it from any damage. With a battery indicator, you can quickly know when to charge the battery.

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The battery will take you about two and half hours to recharge it fully. Besides the battery, the Hover-1 has a 150W motor that powers the Hoverboard enabling it to hit top speeds of 9 miles per hour.

This hoverboard can withstand use on moderately rugged terrains. That’s because it comes with 6.5-inch wheels that stand the test of time. With the inbuilt water resistance, you can use it in any weather condition.

The Hover-1 hoverboard can support a maximum user weight of 2264 lbs. That means most average size people can use it.


  • Battery Charge Time: 2.5 hours
  • Motor: 150W
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
  • Tires: 6.5 inch
  • Maximum Speed: 9miles per hour
  • Maximum User Weight: 225lbs.


3. Evercros Hoverboard

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The Evercross hoverboard has a self-balancing structure that will surely delight you. That’s because of the inbuilt gyroscope stabilization system and self-balancing system that makes it easier to control and use.

It has a higher-end battery that cruises at speeds of 7 to 10 miles per hour. Together with the powerful dual 300W motor, you can move on almost any surface with this hoverboard.

You also get the added benefit of inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. With the speakers, you can sing along to your favorite music as you ride the hoverboard. The glow wheels and the LED lights make it quite a stylish hoverboard to have.

The lights, however, aren’t only to make the hoverboard look stylish but also to increase visibility at night. You can therefore use it even at night.

If you purchase the adult version of this hoverboard, you will get a comfortable seat attachment.  The seat attachment has an excellent design that enhances comfort while riding the board.

Another thing about this hoverboard is the ABS polymer materials that make it. The ABS polymer makes it extremely tough and enables it to last longer.


  • Tires-6.5 inch
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Maximum Speed 10 miles per hour
  • Advanced Self-balancing Features
  • Wheels: Glow Wheels


Is A Heavy Duty Hoverboard Good for Commuting?

A heavy-duty hoverboard can be an excellent choice if you are doing long-distance commuting. Not only is it able to withstand the rigors of long-distance rides, but also the somewhat rough terrains on sidewalks.

A heavy-duty hoverboard can also withstand larger weights of users. That makes them go for longer distances. They also have higher maximum speeds to enable one to commute faster.

Another reason why heavy-duty hoverboards would be ideal for commuting is the powerful motors they come with. Most tend to have dual motors that increase their power. They also have batteries that can last longer than the average hoverboard’s battery.

While heavy-duty hoverboards will cost you quite an amount, they are a good option if you want to commute from place to place. It would thus be an excellent option to invest in them.


Final Verdict

You don’t have to be a wholly adventurous person to use a hoverboard to commute. If you love trying out new things, you definitely should try out commuting with a hoverboard. Who knows, you might love it.

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