Is $200 Perfect to get an All-Terrain Hoverboard?

The answer is “Yes” & “No” both. Actually, it depends on your requirements. You will get a decent all-terrain hoverboard under $200. I have found Gyroor Hoverboard Off-Road All Terrian 6.5″ Two-Wheel G11 is the best all terrain hoverboard under $200. But there will be a lack of features.

For example, its wheel size is 6.5 inches. But we know that bigger wheels perform better in the case of all-terrain. So 8.5 inches is more preferable for this type of terrain. In that case, I will say no, $200 is not perfect to buy an all-terrain hoverboard. So you have to compromise slightly if you are looking for an off-road hoverboard under $200.


Does $300 Add extra Features to an All-Terrain Hoverboard?

Obviously yes, If you increase your budget from $200 to $300, you will get an awesome hoverboard. Believe me, it will satisfy you. You can ride the hoverboard on any terrain with maximum features. For example Gyroor Warrior 8.5 hoverboard. It is one of the best all-terrain hoverboards under $300.

You will get almost all types of features on this hoverboard. You can ride this sturdy hoverboard on grass, gravel, pebble, etc. without any problem.

best all terrain hoverboard under $200

So What Should Your Budget be?

I always love to go high budget for better performance. I don’t want to change my hoverboard regularly. If the decision is mine, my budget will be $300 for an all-terrain. When I buy an all-terrain, my target is to go everywhere with the hoverboard.

But I will not get the satisfying performance from a hoverboard under $200 if it is all-terrain. So I will recommend you increase your budget by $20 to $50 to get an awesome all-terrain hoverboard. It is my opinion but the decision is yours. 

Don’t worry I will review the hoverboards under $200, $300, and $400. So whatever your budget, I hope you will get the best one. Read on to get your one-


Best All Terrain Hoverboard Under $200 Product Review

1. The Best All-Terrain Under $200 Gyroor Hoverboard Off-Road 6.5 

Are you looking for an excellent off-road hoverboard under $200? Then the Gyroor G11 flash is the best choice available in the market. I have seen there is no all-terrain hoverboard that performs like this one. I will break down its all features upside-downside-

  • Brand: Gyroor
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Motor: 250 x 2 (Watt).
  • Wheels: 6.5 Inches (With LED Lights).
  • Speed: 8 Mph.
  • Range:.7.75 Miles
  • Charge time: 1.5-2 Hours.
  • Ground clearance: 25mm.
  • Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs.

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Motor & Battery: It comes with 250W dual motors that ensure smooth cruising on sandy terrain. 36V, 4.4Ah Samsung rechargeable battery requires 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully. So you don’t have to be bored for a long time. The storage capacity is 7.75phm, which is great for any hoverboard.

Range, Speed, Incline Angle: I have this hoverboard in the first quarter of 2021. I have traveled 12 kilometers with a full charge. Though they demand the capacity is 12 to 15 kilometer, I got the least one. And my cruising speed was 8 Mph or 13 kilometers per hour. You can climb up to 15 to 30 degrees uphill with it.

Wheels: The hoverboard features 6.5 inches all-terrain tires. You can ride on the grass, gravel, sandy terrain, etc. with it. But I will recommend you not to ride it on the beach. LED lights on the wheels added an extra feature to this hoverboard.

Other Features: Have I described all the features? Wait, there’s more. The hoverboard has a glowing LED pedal with other cool LED lights on the front and wheels. These Lights ensure a comfortable riding experience at night. And the hoverboard has an app that allows you to adjust 2 riding modes, led lights, Bluetooth speaker, etc.

Is Gyroor 6.5″ Safe?

The hoverboard is UL2272 and MSDS/UN 38.3 certified and the battery is UL 2271 certified. Yes, you read that right. It is completely safe to ride. Personally, I have seen no problem with its battery and motor till now.

Does it come with a Warranty?

You start to worry that I will get a warranty or not? Relax, the seller offers a 6-month warranty for the battery and one year warranty for the hoverboard. Contact them if you get any problems there.

Overall Performance: This safe balancing hoverboard will give you excellent performance. You can ride on almost all types of terrain. Its 25W motor and 6.5 inches tire ensure smooth and steady riding over the grass, sand, gravel, etc. In addition to this, led lights ensure safe riding on dark nights.  And the benefits of the app you will realize after using the hoverboard. The other thing I like about the hoverboard is that it is sturdy enough to handle off-road riding.


2. HOVERSTAR HS 2.0v Hoverboard All-Terrain Two Wide Wheels

  • Brand: HOVERSTAR
  • Batter: 36V/2A Lithium Battery
  • Motor: 2*200 Watt.
  • Wheels: 6.5 Inches (With LED Lights).
  • Speed: 6-10 Mph.
  • Range:.10 Miles
  • Charge time: 2-3 Hours.
  • Ground clearance: 25mm.
  • Weight Capacity: 165 Lbs.

HOVERSTAR HS.2 Hoverboard Review

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Are you looking for the cheapest all-terrain hoverboard under $200? If “yes” then the Hoverstar HS 2.0v can be one of the best options in this range. It is more affordable than the previous one and you will get maximum performance at this price range. 

Motor & Battery: It has a dual 200W motor and 36V/2A lithium battery. I have found no issue with its battery and the users also said that the battery doesn’t drain quickly. It lasts for 3 hours. And it requires 2-3 hours to charge fully. So the charging time is good compared to other hoverboards.

Wheels: The hoverboard features 6.5 inches racing wheels. A special thing is noticed in the hoverboard that comes with LED lights that forced me to love it. When I was riding this hoverboard, I saw the wheels were quite smooth and stable.

Range & Speed: With its 36V/2A battery a rider can go up to 10 miles at full charge. The distance can vary from man to man because of the weight. And I got maximum 10 Mph when I was riding this hoverboard. For some people, it may be 7 or 8 Mph.

Overall Performance: You will get a moderate level of performance from the hoverboard. With its 6.5 inches tire you can go over the grass, pebbles, etc. But you may face problems when the amount of pebbles is too much. I especially love its 4 LED lights. It’s extra LED lights that are used in the wheels, helped me a lot to ride the hoverboard at night. It has a Bluetooth speaker as well that gives extra entertainment to music lovers. Believe me, it is tough to get too many features like this one at this price range.

Is it safe to ride? 

yes, the HOVERSTAR HS 2.0V is safe. It is SGS listed and UL certified. Its battery and materials are approved by US safety agents. I have seen no fire or explosion complaints yet. So don’t worry about its safety.

What you will get in the package

  • Hoverboard
  • Charger
  • Manual to ride it


3. RIDE SWFT Sonic Best All Terrain Hoverboard Under $300


  • Brand: RIDE SWFT (Sonic).
  • Best For 6-15 Years Old (Male & Female).
  • Motor: 250W (Dual).
  • Battery: 42V.
  • Tire: 10 Inches.
  • Range: 8 Miles.
  • Speed: 9 Mph.
  • Max Inline: 12°.
  • Charge Time: 5 Hours.

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Are you looking for the best all-terrain hoverboard under $300? RIDE SWFT is the best one if your budget is under $300 for an off-road hoverboard. So, want to know more about it? Read on-

Tires: The most strong point of this hoverboard is its 10” pneumatic tires. I have tested this hoverboard recently. These durable tires can handle any type of terrain including dirt road, gravel, sand, etc., and give a smooth riding experience.

Top Speed & Range: Using 250W dual motors the hoverboard enables it to reach top speed at 9Mph. The speed is enough for both beginners and experts. And I was able to visit my friend’s house which was 7.5miles from my home. Then I recharged it. So the maximum range is around 8 miles per charge.

Motor Power & Battery: The hoverboard comes with 250-watt dual motors that can handle up to 265 lbs at most. The motors can go up to 12° incline with a rider. Its 42v battery requires 5 hours to be charged fully. I have seen the hoverboard had a full charge, though it was not used for 2 weeks. So no way to give an objection like quick battery draining.

Other Features: It also features a Bluetooth speaker that can be used without any app. With non-slip pedals and front-rear led lights, you can ride the hoverboard at night. Oh, I forgot to say, its non-slip pedals are shock absorbing. This self-balancing scooter is UL2272 certified and all other electrical parts have passed safety tests.

Warranty: Don’t worry if you find any problem with hoverboards. You will get a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the hoverboard. I have seen the seller respond quickly to their customers and replace the hoverboard if there is any problem.

Overall Performance: RIDE SWFT Sonic is one of the best off-road hoverboards available in the market. This self-balancing scooter is developed by experts and engineers and creative designers. So no one can complain about its design and build quality.. As they have their own factory, they check. Every part of the hoverboard before assembling. Ensuring safety, quality, and performance is their top priority.

You will never be stuck on the street or sidewalk with a hoverboard. It is super easy to maneuver and super easy to use all features. Wait, there’s more. You can use the hoverkart with the hoverboard for more enjoyable riding. Some people complain about its quick-rolling or charger, led lights are not working, etc. I will recommend you to contact with seller if you face this type of problem.


4. CBD Best All-Terrain Hoverboard Under $250


  • Brand: CBD.
  • Best For 6  or highers (Male & Female).
  • Motor: 300W (Dual).
  • Battery: 37V/2AH.
  • Tire: 6.5 Inches.
  • Range: 6 Miles.
  • Speed: 6.2 Mph.
  • Charge Time: 3-5 Hours.

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Do you want to increase your budget slightly from $200? Asking that because now I am going to talk about the best all-terrain hoverboard under $250. This self-balancing hoverboard is suitable for both kids & adults both. Though It is different in tires, charge time, range, speed, etc. from the previous one, it is budget-friendly.

Is it safe to ride?

The manufacturer gives top priority to safety. That’s why the hoverboard comes with non-slip pads to prevent accidental slipping. It is very helpful for kids. Moreover, an Overspeed alarm reminds the rider to reduce the speed, so that the accident can be avoided.

Where can you ride the hoverboard?

Though it comes with 6.5 inches tires, it is an all-terrain hoverboard. So you can ride it on gravel roads, sand, grass, etc. I found no problem when I was riding it inside my house. It works perfectly on tile and carpet as well. So in one word, it is the perfect one for both inside and outside of the house.

What about Motors & Battery?

The hoverboard features 300 Watt dual motors with a 37V/2AH rechargeable battery. With this battery, you can visit up to 6 miles per charge. Then you need to recharge it for approximately 3 to 5 hours. I have seen the motors are quite smooth and found no problem in my 6 months’ experience.

What about the speed & weight capacity?

The maximum speed people get on this hoverboard is 6.2 Mph. It is moderate for beginners to learn how to ride a hoverboard. You will feel very stable when riding this. And the highest weight capacity is 200 lbs. The hoverboard is suitable for the whole family. Confused? I mean kids and adults both can ride this hoverboard.

Are there any other features?

Yes, there’s more. Its Bluetooth speaker gives extra entertainment to the rider. Just connect it with your iPod or smartphone and enjoy music. The LED lights provide a better & safe experience at nighttime riding.

Will I get Warranty

Yes, it comes with a 90 days warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Some people said that it stopped working after 2 weeks or months. In that case, you may claim your warranty. So no way to be worried.


5. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Best All Terrain Hoverboard Under $400


  • Brand: Swagtron.
  • Best For: Kids & Adults Both.
  • Motor: 300W (Dual).
  • Battery: 37V/2AH.
  • Tire: 10 Inches.
  • Range: 12 Miles.
  • Speed: 12 Mph.
  • Charge Time: 2-3 Hours.

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My last choice as the best all terrain hoverboard for adults is Swagtron t6. It is costly but the best one for heavy adults. Tubeless tires, battery, motors, weight, etc. make it a beast in the hoverboard industry. I will break down all of its features, upside & downside. So continue reading.

What are the Specialties in this Hoverboard?

Before buying this type of expensive hoverboard, you should know, what are the specialties there? Am I right?

It is the only hoverboard that can handle 420 lbs. So if you are too fat to ride a hoverboard, I hope you will face no problem. Its 10” inches non-tubeless tire can beat any other hoverboard available in the market. The nylon-infused tires can absorb the shock and ensure stability while riding the hoverboard.

Incomparable traction through a rugged thread pattern provides more comfort than any other hoverboard. Whatever the terrain- hills, rocks, etc. you will get the same comfort. In addition to this, the hoverboard is splash and dirt resistant which ensures cruising over the duty terrain and paddle of the water.

Durability & Functionality: The hoverboard is built with ABS plastic and aluminum that protect the internal parts. Its non-slip pedal ensures enough grip while riding over mountain roads, muddy terrain, etc.

Motor & Battery: Swagtron t6 features 300 Watt dual motors. These motors are strong enough to go through any type of terrain. Its sentry shield lithium-ion battery requires 2-3 hours to charge fully.

Range & Speed: I have found the maximum speed 11 MPH  and able to visit 11.5 miles while riding Swagtron T6. The range & speed is quite good compared to the others. But this range may vary from person to person as weight is not the same. The hoverboard can go up to a 30° incline that facilitates climbing to hills.

More Features: You can connect the Swagtron T6 with IOS or Android apps through which you can check battery power, distance traveled, speed, etc. And its Bluetooth speaker gives extra entertainment while riding over the rocks and hills.

Is it Safe to Ride?

Obviously, it is safe to ride. The hoverboard has passed all of the safety tests that are required to get UL2272  certification. I have seen no user has complained about fire & explosion yet. It comes with a manual. So I will recommend following all of the instructions recommended there for users.

Downside: Some people have complained about its ability to hold heavyweight people. And some users said it stopped working after a few days. Electrical instruments may have problems. If you face any problem like that, feel free to contact them.


Is it Safe to Ride a Hoverboard Off-Road?

Yes, off-road hoverboards are safe to ride. Companies are trying to manufacture different types of hoverboard and off-road or all-terrain is one of them. They feature a special type of wheels, motors, and materials for an all-terrain hoverboard. I have been riding an all-terrain hoverboard for the last 3 years. So I can assure you that it is completely safe to ride.

What Skill is Required to Ride a Hoverboard on an All-Terrain?

As far as I know, no previous skill is required to ride an off-road hoverboard. But I recommend learning how to ride a hoverboard. If you don’t know it, you will face many problems while riding it on an off-road. If your hoverboard is an all-terrain, you can start your journey today.


Final Verdict

I have tried my best to review the best all terrain hoverboard under $200, $300, $400. Choose any one from the above based on your budget.

If you ask me to choose the best one for me, I will select RIDE SWFT that is about $300. I have got the most reliable performance from this hoverboard. Its features, design, performance, price all match with my personal experience. That’s why I am choosing that.

Choose the one that matches you. Thanks

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